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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2004
Total Employees: 1


State license status: Licensed ( verified on 9/29/2022)
This business has satisfied California's requirements to be licensed. For the most up-to-date status and inspection reports, please view this provider's profile on California's licensing website.
Licensing requirements typically include:
  • Complying with safety and health inspections
  • Achieving the required levels of educational training
  • Maintaining a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Other state-defined requirements


Monday :
7:30AM - 5:00PM
Tuesday :
7:30AM - 5:00PM
Wednesday :
7:30AM - 5:00PM
Thursday :
7:30AM - 5:00PM
Friday :
7:30AM - 5:00PM
Saturday :
Sunday :

Program Details

Child Care Center/Day Care Center
Additional Details
Summer care / camp
Developmental (Play-Based)
Teacher/Student Ratio:
Program Capacity:

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Infant $ 325 per week 0
Toddler $ 275 per week 2
Preschool $ 225 per week 0
*availability last updated on 07/23/2021
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
Half-Day (Morning)
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  • Cash|
  • Credit Card

Ratings & Reviews

( 12)
Candyce J
First of all, I don't even know where to begin! I found Miss Cindy on and I am so blessed and glad I did! My son was in her & the staff's care from 2018 when he was 8 months old. Being a first-time mother, she ensured my son was safe and clean. Her daycare is always clean, orderly, and welcoming. It was his second home for sure. Miss Cindy has a learning curriculum for the children to interact with each other to apply real-life independent skills daily like manners, setting the table for meals, full potty training, cleaning up a mess they made, making sure others are at their best, and a well thought through educational plans with reading, writing, counting and more.

The ONLY reason I moved on to a different daycare was because my son was the oldest and all the other children were younger than him (like infants to 3-year-olds). She was very transparent and informed me of his education and development would thrive with peers his age and older. Miss Cindy & her staff cared enough to see him thrive and blossom even not with them with the suggestion given. My son was not just a number or another kid to her and her staff. I wish I could duplicate her a million times! She is truly gifted in her mission to care for children.

I definitely recommend her care for your little ones!
Ijeoma N
Miss Cindy cared for both of my children- my daughter (aged 4.5) for 3.5 years and son (aged 2.5) for 2 years. I could not have asked for a better care provider than Ms. Cindy. I also loved Ms. Kayla, who helped with taking care of the children and has been employed at Randolph Family Care for approximately 3 years. Both Miss Cindy and Miss Kayla took care of my children as if they were their own. My children were very happy at Randolph Family Care over the years. Miss Cindy's home is always clean and adequately childproofed. I love that she also takes special time to prepare the children's meals (rather than using pre-packaged meals); and has a background in education which she incorporates in her teachings throughout the day. I felt comfortable leaving my children with Miss Cindy, knowing that they would be safe, well-fed, and learn much throughout the day. Lastly, as a single working mom, I also appreciate that there were times when Ms. Cindy was willing to accommodate my changing schedule. If we did not move from San Diego, my children would still be going to Randolph Family Care. I feel so blessed to have found this daycare. Miss Cindy and Miss Kayla are the best!
Tamara F
My son has been with Miss Cindy and her team since he was 18 months and will be heading straight to kindergarten in 2019. I was referred to Miss Cindy and couldn't be happier with her care, activities and curriculum. We will be sad when he departs for kindergarten but we are forever grateful for Miss Cindy and her team!
Christina A
We started my daughter there in April of 2018 (she was 1 year and 4 months at the time) after we'd parted from our nanny in February and our first daycare in March. At her first one, as good as they were, she just wasn't happy- she cried all through drop off and pick up. So I was prepared for the possibility that she'd have that same problem again. Not so! She absolutely loves it there, and is always excited to spend the day with Miss Cindy and the girls- she practically ignores me when we drop her off so she can go straight to her friends, and is always excited when we pick her up. Not to mention how much she's learned! We are truly happy to have her here.
Cindy and her staff couldn't be any better. The school is more learning based and interactive, and they focus on manners and treating other kids with respect. We couldn't be happier with how our daughter is doing here.
Jill L
If there were more stars to give, I would absolutely give Ms Cindy and her staff more! When I first went back to work full time, our childcare situation for our 2 month old daughter was less than ideal. We were terrified to leave our daughter with someone else after our experiences elsewhere but knew we were limited on options. Immediately upon walking in Randolph Family Care, we were greeted by Ms Cindy's warm smile and comforting atmosphere. After just a few short minutes of being there, meeting the other teachers and watching the kids play, we knew we'd found "a new home" so to speak for our daughter. As a first time mom working 40+ hours a week, it is very hard to think about leaving your child for long days. Ms Cindy kept us regularly updated of her progress, daily patterns, and cared for her as one of her own. I cannot thank Ms Cindy, Ms Amy and Ms Daniela enough for the love they've shown our little peanut. I recommend them again and again without hesitation - there simply is no comparison.
Denisse S
The other parents are right about Miss Cindy. My two daughters attended Miss Cindy's for about 2 years plus. I stayed home with them so finding someone to care for them was hard. Miss Cindy made me feel so welcomed in her home, the kids looked so happy during my orientation, and my girls were eager to join in the fun. During school breaks even my 8yr old would beg me to stay with her. My girls learned so much about manners, kindness, as well as basic preschool curriculum. I would recommend her to anyone. Ps. She makes the best broccoli ever according to my kids.
Stacy L
Melanie's review is spot on! I have had two of my children with Miss Cindy for a year now. My son was almost two and my daughter was 6 weeks old when they started there. It is very nerve-racking to leave your newborn with anyone so it was a big adjustment, but my mind was quickly put at ease knowing she was in great hands! It amazed me how fast my son started speaking more words after a few short weeks there. My children light up when we arrive at her home and that says a lot about the care that they are receiving. Miss Cindy also does the most thoughtful things for Mother's and Father's Day gifts from our kids. It truly is a relief knowing my babies are well taken care of. I also would highly recommend the Randolph Family Care Center!
Melanie E
My daughter has been attending the Randolph Family Care Center since she was 9 months old. She is 15.5 months now and absolutely loves going to Miss Cindy's school. I feel so thankful to have found caregivers that I can trust to watch over and care for my daughter while I'm at work. I'm a first-time mom and the idea of trusting someone else to care for my baby was a stressful, emotional, and scary undertaking. Miss Cindy talked with me several times and answered every question I had in detail until I felt comfortable.
Cindy has created a well-defined daily schedule including indoor and outdoor activity time, meals, and naps. Of course, the babies go at their own pace and are given the individual attention they need. The staff is good at communicating any observations they've made throughout the day regarding my daughter's nap times, diapers (wet/bm), food intake, teething, and general mood. When I walk in the door, I see the artwork of the bigger kids hanging on the wall and my daughter enjoying playing with the other kids, and I can feel at peace that she's been well cared for all day.
Miss Cindy cooks homemade meals for 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. She and her staff have helped my daughter move through milestones such as crawling & walking, getting off the bottle, using spoons and bowls, washing her hands at the sink, and more. There are separate rooms for infants and big kids, each infant has their own crib for sleeping, and there are plenty of developmental toys, music & activities. Miss Cindy carefully hand selects her staff and she has always chosen warm, nurturing, competent caregivers. The house is clean - which always amazes me since I can't seem to keep my house clean and I only have one child - and the back yard is complete with grass, shade, swing set, slide, bikes, sandbox, and fun outdoor activities like bubbles and a water table.
It's clear that Miss Cindy and her staff have a genuine love for children and treat each child like the individual little loves that they are. I would highly recommend the Randolph Family Care Center!
Melissa H
My son has been attending Miss Cindy's daycare full time for the last four-five months. I knew right away that Miss Cindy would be offering all of the things I was looking for as far as child care goes. She provides a safe nuturing environment that allows my child to learn and grow. She makes home cooked foods and provides each of them with a variety of activitites throughought the day. Basically creating that balance I was looking for. Miss Cindy loves her work as well as each oneof the kids and that's very apparent. I feel 100% that my son is getting the quality care he so derserves. She has taught him social skills as well as providing him with the environment to grow educationally. I would hands down recommend Miss Cindy to anyone looking for quality care. Check her out for yourself and see, I'm sure you ouldn't be dissapointed. One final note, Miss Cindy only told me about this sight after I communicated to her how wonderful she was and how I appreciated the care she was providing.
Erin A
My daughter has been attending Miss Cindy's daycare full-time for almost 3 years. This isn't one of those daycare homes where my kid is just planted in front of a TV and fed ramen noodles and twinkies all day. It is actually a SCHOOL, with an actual TEACHER. The house gets regular inspections for cleanliness, healthy food, current licenses, fire safety, and anything else the government requires from her by law in order to keep your kids healthy and safe. The children actually get real education in the form of hands-on activites, educational field trips, song and dance, and good old fashion lessons in a group setting. I look forward to claiming my daughter's craft of the day when I pick her up, and I enjoy hearing what she learned while making that craft: It's not just a painting of a bumble bee, it's a "bumble bee with six legs, because bees are insects, and insects have six legs". It's not just a drawing of a dinosaur, it's a "brontosaurus eating leaves from that tree, because it is an herbivore". There are even framed pictures of the kids all over the walls, because Miss Cindy genuinely loves the children she teaches; it's not just a job to her. I would expect to pay a LOT more for a daycare of this quality, but Miss Cindy's rates are totally affordable. I've never felt the need to question Miss Cindy on the way she runs things; in fact, I often ask her how certain things are done at school so I can keep things running just as smoothly at home! She was even willing to type out the lyrics to all the songs they sing so that I could know them and sing them too. If you're a parent who wants to be super involved in your child's early education, you should definitely consider Miss Cindy's daycare.
Kimberly C
Ms, Cindy's place is definitely my child's home away from home. She provides a safe and fun environment for all children. All activities are age appropriate. Children are always happy there. She teaches them respect and manners, which is nice to hear your child saying please and thank you. My child is always talking about her day there. When I drop my child off for the day I feel good inside knowing that my child will be safe and happy, that's one huge relief in my book! If you are seeking a home away from home for your child this is the place to be. Go meet her, and see what she has to offer, Good child care providers are hard to come by this one you don't want to pass up.
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