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Single Mom Looking For Sitter Part Time/ Date Nights For Two Little People.

WE THREE! Single Mom Looking For Sitter Part Time/ Date Nights For Two Little People.

Full Time
Hello!!! We are saying goodbye to our current caregiver/ sitter of two years as she moves. I have two children, three and six. My 6-year-old is in the autism spectrum and attends school as well as ABA. I am looking for someone to come in twice a week to help his grandfather who is his caregiver, and someone open to date nights on weekends. I need someone comfortable with autism, hyper, happy, affectionate, and a overly social little guy; along with a sassy little 3-year-old girl. We are VERY family oriented and are in the middle of a home being built so we are renting a basement apartment from my parents. So you will have SUPPORT and help if you ever needed it. My current sitter will be attending the interviews and is open to sitting with you the first few visits once hired as you and the kids get comfortable. Before hire, I would do a interview and would like a meet and greet to see how you and the kids feel and vibe. You will have access to my sons therapists and any questions or training you feel you need to interact with him. With this all being said we are an open communication family, meaning if there is an issue, a concern, or you need anything from us we are open on communication and planning. If I needed a night out on the weekend I ask the beginning of the week in advance so we are all on the same page. We essentially want someone comfortable with our family and someone to feel like family. If interested please let me know! Loving. I don't care your gender preference, your race, your age. We are just wanting a good fit with us. The son in the spectrum can understand you 100. He hears and sees everything, he also needs someone open to being his friend and someone who treats him as any other 6-year-old. Someone happy, open to having fun with a child on the spectrum. He is happy to lucky, wants to hang out, is overly affectionate, and loves to snuggle up as well as run around. The 3-year-old is in her threenager stage We have a driveway We have two dogs. A Boston and a pug. Boston is lazy and chubby. Pug just wants to be loved on.
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