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Auntie's Pet Club Doggie Doggie Day Care & Pet Hotel's Photo

Auntie's Pet Club Doggie Doggie Day Care & Pet Hotel

234 Union Turnpike, Concord, MA

Auntie's Pet Club pet hotel is located in owner's Concord, MA home. We are a small, family owned and operated business. Auntie's Pet Club has successfully been in business for 13 years. We take up to 8 dogs at a time. The location gives you the feel of the country. The large grass yard has trees and is set back and surrounded by conservation land. The yard is fully fenced in with 6 foot chain link fence (cement is under the fence so no digging is possible). There is a doggie door which gives the dogs freedom to come and go out into the yard. The entire first floor of Auntie's house is for the dogs. There are couches and dog beds for the dogs to lounge on. Auntie believes strongly in the emotional lives of animals and is dedicated to making your pet feel at home, relaxed, loved and happy. The home environment is key for the emotional health of each pet. There are NO kennels or cages. The pet hotel is run like a doggie day care with exercise, play, games and socialization all day and into early evening. At bedtime, the dogs have a slumber party downstairs sleeping on couches and doggie beds. Each animal receives group play time and private play time and cuddles all day long. All dogs will be out and about for most of the day with exceptions for nap time, required rest time or required paw thaw time in the winter. The dogs love it at Auntie's. For some, its a second home. They can't wait to come, evidenced by acting crazy in their owner's cars when they know their getting close to Auntie's or when they hear the word Auntie's. Some dogs don't want to go home and leave their furry friends and Auntie and the freedom of the yard behind. Auntie's Pet Club is small and intimate and everyone becomes a part of Auntie's family - the furry AND the human clients. $46/night $30/per additional dog


Auntie's Pet Club day care is also located in owner's Concord home. Basically it is run as described above but the furry client goes home at the end of each day! $27/day

About this sitter:
Owner of Auntie's Pet Club Doggie Day Care & Pet Hotel for the last 13 years. Prior to that was practicing attorney. Graduated from Suffolk Law School.

Why I love dog sitting
I grew up with German Shepards but have loved all animals since I was young. I grew up in a family that if a cat was lying in a chair we would not move him, we would find another seat. Animals are humans to me. Thirteen years ago I needed a change of careers & started Aunties Pet Club & haven't looked back
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