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Introducing Care Share, the easy way to connect with local families interested in sharing a caregiver.

Why choose a nanny share?

A caretaker allows families to enjoy many of the same benefits of same price tag. Yes, that means splitting the cost of the caretaker with another family to make it more affordable. A caretaker also allows families to balance individual attention for their children while gaining greater socialization with other families. An attractive blend of flexibility, convenience, individual attention, and affordability, care shares are becoming a great option for families.

A great tip for starting a successful caretaker is finding a family near you, with similar schedules and parenting styles. Searching for another family can feel like dating but the rewards may outweigh the effort. As long as there's continued communication to help set expectations for both the caretaker involved and the families, a care share may work well for all parties. However, families are dependent on each other to keep the arrangement going.

Considering sharing a caregiver? Be sure to do your homework: Nanny shares and shared care arrangements may be subject to various licensing requirements or prohibited in certain states and jurisdictions. Research local laws and regulations.
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Kenric San Francisco, CA

1 Pre-schooler
Care need: Full-Time
Also seeking a nanny
Hey there! I live in the Richmond with my 2 yo daughter (28 months) and partner. We also have an 11 yo orange tabby cat who has been very patient with us as we've been home since March 12 and have been very strict with social distancing (even getting our groceries delivered). We've managed OK in that time, but now balancing work from home, school from home, and parenting a toddler, we are looking to partner with another family in a similar situation. Outside of work obligations, we are a musical household, and also enjoy watching tennis and keeping up with family and friends via video chat. Our ideal nanny share: I don't know much about how nanny shares work. My daughter was in a great local day care until COVID hit, and I want to partner with a family that has similar social distancing / sheltering protocols in place within their households to keep all of us safe. My partner has a health condition, and we are just trying to address the need for balance in our lives with the need for safety as we determine how to open up to another family with similar needs. Our day care is wonderful, but there are just too many kids, and with that, we think too much risk. My daughter is empathetic, social, curious, and definitely at the age where she needs more educational and social reinforcement: we've been potty training her (relatively successfully, ha), but I think it's important for her to be around another tiny her age to help with socialization. Six months away from other kids is a big deal at this age!
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Andrew Austin, TX

1 Pre-schooler
Care need: Full-Time
Also seeking a nanny
We are a family of 3 (soon to be 4 in October) and we have a lovely little 3 year old who currently goes to daycare. However, we do not feel that daycare has been the best environment for her. She is a very sweet and mellow kid, and the loud and sometimes chaotic nature of daycare just doesn't fit her personality. We're looking for a family (or families) with kids that would like to find a better way than 1 teacher caring for 12 kids in the same room every day. We love adventuring and learning and often spend our weekends rock climbing, at the library, doing science experiments or other enriching activities. We have a big dog who likes kids but takes some getting to know for adults (only takes a few carrots to do the trick though). Our ideal nanny share: Ideally, we'd find a caring, patient, relaxed, intelligent, fun, creative teacher and caregiver who's also a good cook ;). We're picturing most days the kids would be at one of the families' homes, or perhaps the caregiver's home, but i would also love something like 1 day a week they get out and do the , or Library, or something along those lines. Hopefully, there'd be around 4 or 5 kids and we may even have another family with a kid who's already interested. Any age 2 to 5 would be a good fit. At daycare, we've encountered too many teachers who quickly resort to yelling, and that doesn't work for us. Our child is a natural rule follower if the rules are clear and explained, and so we don't emphasize a lot of discipline and would prefer a scenario where our child was better able to explore and experiment under safe guidance and supervision. We're not against correction when correction is due, but certainly never physical and yelling should only be used if the child is doing something dangerous and needs to stop immediately. Otherwise, we value open communication on a respectful level, and our daughter tends to respond well to that approach.
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*Nanny share rates are estimated using hourly rates posted on by families seeking full-time care for a single child in a particular geographic area. Nanny share estimates assume 33% increase over traditional nanny cost and do not reflect any sharing of cost across multiple families. Actual costs to employ a nanny share may vary and estimated costs do not include additional increases for taxes, insurance, or benefits.