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About Care shares

Find the right family

Partnering with a family in your area that share similar schedules and parenting styles is the best recipe for success.

Screen, vet and hire a caretaker

It's best if both families choose the caretaker together. Interview and check references to make sure all needs are met.

Manage care together

Open communication is key to a good process. With shared care: payroll, taxes, and logistics are key considerations. Homepay can help simplify this.

Why choose a care share?

A caretaker allows families to enjoy many of the same benefits of same price tag. Yes, that means splitting the cost of the caretaker with another family to make it more affordable. A caretaker also allows families to balance individual attention for their children while gaining greater socialization with other families. An attractive blend of flexibility, convenience, individual attention, and affordability, care shares are becoming a great option for families.

A great tip for starting a successful caretaker is finding a family near you, with similar schedules and parenting styles. Searching for another family can feel like dating but the rewards may outweigh the effort. As long as there's continued communication to help set expectations for both the caretaker involved and the families, a care share may work well for all parties. However, families are dependent on each other to keep the arrangement going.

Considering sharing a caregiver? Be sure to do your homework: shared care arrangements may be subject to various licensing requirements or prohibited in certain states and jurisdictions. Research local laws and regulations.

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