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Average San Francisco nanny share cost:$13.17/hr per family*.
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Considering sharing a caregiver? Be sure to do your homework: Nanny shares and shared care arrangements may be subject to various licensing requirements or prohibited in certain states and jurisdictions. Research local laws and regulations.

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Brad San Francisco, CA

1 Toddler
Care need: Full-Time
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Hi everyone! We have an amazing nanny, Rose, who we want to start a nanny family share with. Rose is loving, responsible, attentive, and fun! She's been working with us for more than a year with our 1 1/2 year old daughter, C. We live right by Park, with several playgrounds within walking distance. What we're looking for in another family for the nanny share: * A single child for the nanny share close in age to C (~1.5 to ~2 years old) * Updated on vaccines and comfortable getting yearly flu shots, for the adults and child * Interested in warm, respectful, and clear communication and a positive, communal connection between everyone, including the nanny and other family * Having the same nap time for both children, to maximize the play & learning time they can have before and after the nap; C's nap is currently between 12 and 3 PM -- we can move it slightly forward or backwards to accommodate another family * Comfortable with outings by the nanny, by public transportation and eventually potentially our car * Sharing hosting between our two houses * A family that values benefits and a fair wage, seeing the nanny as an integral member of your family * A family with a toddler able to fall asleep independently and in a shared room. We currently employ Rose 35 hours a week; Rose is open to more hours then this if you need it for your child. Here's our current nanny schedule, which we can slightly modify depending on your families needs: Monday through Wednesday - 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM TH: 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM (currently going to 5:30 PM, though might drop back to 4 PM) F: 9:30 AM to 3 PM (currently going to 5:30 PM, though might drop back to 3 PM) Shared hourly rate is $30 per hour (so for each family it would just be $15 an hour shared). We pay benefits, such as some sick leave, legal holidays, and vacation. Let's meet up and chat about the nanny share! Our ideal nanny share: See above for all details.
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*Nanny share rates are estimated using hourly rates posted on by families seeking full-time care for a single child in a particular geographic area. Nanny share estimates assume 33% increase over traditional nanny cost and do not reflect any sharing of cost across multiple families. Actual costs to employ a nanny share may vary and estimated costs do not include additional increases for taxes, insurance, or benefits.