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Average Pittsburgh nanny share cost:$10.36/hr per family*.
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Jenna Emsworth, PA

1 Infant, 1 Pre-schooler
Care need: Full-Time
Also seeking a nanny
We are a family of 4 who grew during the pandemic. Our oldest girl is 2 years old and is smart, affectionate, and loves to talk your ear off. Our youngest is 3 months old and is an easy baby - she pretty much just sleeps and smiles and we rarely hear her cry. I think she is conditioned to the craziness of her big sister making noise and hugging and kissing her all the time. We have a 9 year old boxer named Zoey who sleeps most of the day away. She is great with kids and allows them to hug, jump on, dress up, and everything in between. As a family we love to go camping and get outside as much as possible. My husband and I love to travel the country and world. Although that has unfortunately slowed down with covid as we have remained put for a while now. We are an easy going, go with the flow family. We have our kids in tow wherever we go whether it is the softball field or the ice cream shop. My husband starts work later in the morning and I am done early in the afternoon to maximize our time with our kids. Our ideal nanny share: We would love a family share with parents who are also easy going and go with the flow. We try to ask our daughter what she wants and encourage independent thinking. We like to give options to choose from - which movie form this list, which snack from these three, which of these 2 fruits, etc. We don't have too many rules (outside of rules for safety, obviously) or strict schedules, but don't mind if others have a strict schedule or routine that we could adapt to. We don't have a set nap time, snack time, or lunch. The only thing that is consistent is the bedtime routine. We are not opposed to following a daily schedule. We just haven't had that option while working from home during the pandemic - everything was chaotic and juggling work and kids was not easy! Our oldest loves to go outside and I swear would never come in if she didn't have to. We make frequent trips to the park down the street, so much so that we just recently invested in a swing set for the back yard. She loves to splash in the backyard as well. She also loves to be inside - in her toy room or watching a movie or cocomelon. When she is with friends she definitely likes to play along and doesn't have much screen time. With covid she hasn't been exposed to many other kids, but our best friends have 3 daughters (1, 4, and 6) and she plays well with all of them. She is the type to want to play with every kid on the playground, regardless of age.
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