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Karolina Chicago, IL

1 Pre-schooler
Care need: Full-Time
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My work hours are flexible, but I'd prefer 4-5 days a week with someone. Me and my 2 year old daughter, we have two cats. She loves Minnie Mouse, coloring, bubbles, puzzles, shapes and numbers, singing, pretend play, and enjoys being around other kids. She is allergic to milk and eggs so I try to provide her meals if it makes others feel more comfortable. She does have ASD so she does spin around a lot, fixates on things like stacking and organizing. She is currently obsessed with circles :). She knows some ASL and is verbal enough to understand simple things and is a truly sweet girl. I would prefer not to host as we live in a small apartment. No nanny preference but ideally they just love to play and have understanding of ASD. Our ideal nanny share: She's had a few different sitters mostly from moving and has daycare experience, some sitters in their homes with children and did great with them all. She does best with kids ages 2-4 since they still love to play, she is ahead in a few areas even though behind in language, so kids even up to 5 interest her because she loves numbers and letters, knows her alphabet and can count to 20. My parenting style is very simple, she's happy just coloring, and I acknowledge her emotions rather than punish her, if she's upset I explain that I know she's mad or sad, and tell her I understand and try to correct her behavior for example, instead of throwing I'll try to redirect her to coloring or squishy toys, if she's sad I let her know it's okay to be sad sometimes and we sing the Daniel tiger song, grab a plush toy and cuddle. I don't yell and try not to say no but instead say enough and redirect, explain in simple terms why something isn't okay, and ask to use our quiet voice to express. We've never had an issue of her acting out towards other kids, she loves to share, is understanding and patient, of course she's 2 and we all have our rough days. I feel that on a rough day it's best to decompress and do simple activities with educational value, even if it's coloring in numbers or reading books for extended periods and try to stick to a similar route for the day so a child doesn't feel overwhelmed. I believe in a good routine being essential for little ones to thrive as well as doing hygiene together so they don't feel forced like brushing teeth and hair. I allow screen time in between lunch and dinner for about an hour or two, but am comfortable with her not having it and she doesn't depend on it. We practice cleaning up especially when we move from one activity to another. Sorry this is so long!
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