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Garrett Seattle, WA

1 Infant
Care need: Part-Time
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Hello! I'm Garrett and my partner's name is Lindsy. Our daughter, A, is two months old as of this writing, but will be six months old by the time we're seeking care. She's a sweet, sweet kiddo who loves to snuggle. She's been super laid back so far, and seems to be fond of her carrier, her bouncer, and her swing. She also has really taken to the song, "Stompy the Bear". We love going on walks as a family, the three of us, plus our dog, Otis. Neither Lindsy or I are from the area, but have each lived in Seattle for 5+ years now. I work in marketing while Lindsy works as an elementary school teacher. We love the outdoors, books, cooking, and just generally trying new things, and are so excited to be showing A the ropes :) Our ideal nanny share: We're first time parents, and at this stage are primarily looking for folks that are safe, reliable, and thoughtful. We're also looking for folks that are very encouraging of A, as we want to really put confidence and curiosity out there for her. I think if I could sum up what we're looking for it'd be that everyone involved be supportive and understanding--that they aren't quick to dismiss questions or concerns (sorry to keep hitting this drum, but again, we're first-time parents; the list of questions is added to each day), and actively do their best to be patient and to listen. Oh, also, we've been very COVID-conscious and would be looking for the same level of attention.
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*Nanny share rates are estimated using hourly rates posted on by families seeking full-time care for a single child in a particular geographic area. Nanny share estimates assume 33% increase over traditional nanny cost and do not reflect any sharing of cost across multiple families. Actual costs to employ a nanny share may vary and estimated costs do not include additional increases for taxes, insurance, or benefits.