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Here We Grow's Photo

Here We Grow

837 S. Mustang Rd, Yukon, OK

Costimate: $131/wk

Email: herewegrowyukon@gmail.com

Daily Hours 6:30am-6:00pm, Child Care Philosophy
It is our promise to provide a clean, safe, loving environment, giving parents peace of mind while they are away from their children. All of the children are unique and are treated with respect as individuals. Each child and family is treated with dignity in their personal relationship with our staff. As parents you are entitled to have your concerns listened to and addressed in a compassionate, respectful manner.

Here We Grow Child Care understands that each family and each child comes with their own set of expectations. We will encourage and support your choices in raising your child. Whether it is breast milk, cloth diapers, or any other personal choices, we accommodate and encourage these choices! We want your child to find our care to be a home away from home, and for that reason the food we serve is homemade and is as minimally processed as possible.

We believe that the foundation of learning is based on self esteem and self confidence. Learning is not necessarily the ABC's and 123's, but is also the learning of values. Here, we value honesty, respect, love, showing sensitivity to others, kindness, friendliness and fairness. Consistent rules, clear directions and guidance on an age appropriate level are part of the guidance. Our goal is to help children learn self-control and to be responsible for their own behavior.
Classroom Organization
Group Play: Singing, dancing, play acting, games, reading, listening to CDs (story and music), circle time
Free Play: Children have a choice of - blocks, kitchen toys, dolls and accessories, legos, play sets, household toys, pull/push toys, art materials
Language: Nursery rhymes, finger plays, stimulus pictures or objects to encourage verbalization, reading to the children.
Dramatic play: Dress up, role-playing, puppetry, etc.
Outdoor play: (weather permitting) Swinging, climbing, riding toys, running, ball playing,
Special Days: Birthdays/holiday parties
Typical Daily Routines: Arrival and Greeting, School Run, Breakfast and clean up, Bathroom and/or diaper change and hand washing.
Infants usually nap in the morning as well as the afternoon.
Circle time (including calendar, songs, story time etc.), Arts and crafts or other learning activity, Outdoor play (weather permitting) or other large muscle activity, Lunch & clean up, Nap time, Snack Time.
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