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Kennedy N.|Washougal, WA

$10-20/hr 10 yrs exp 21 yrs old

Part-time Caregiver Available

I've baby sat since a young age. I'm 17 1/2 now. I have siblings, most of them are younger than me. I love watching children and being around them. I enjoy taking them places, and teaching them things. My methods for discipline would include sitting down with the child. Walking them through what they did and talking to them about what is wrong about what they did. I also have them take some time to think about what they did. Instead of telling the child to go to their room or yelling at them. I try to help them understand why it's not acceptable to act or do the thing they did. It's a very effective method. 95% of the time the child will understand, they will learn and we can come up with a solution. More than likely they won't do it again. I have a hard time with children that yell, or whine. I simply talk to them (I get down to eye level.) I ask them why they feel the need to cry, and instead to express words over physical emotions. I enjoy reading, math, and science. So I am more than happy to help with homework if needed. I also love animals, I enjoy watching and walking dogs as well. I do drive, insured and licensed. So I have reliable transportation! I'm currently in high school, so after 3 p.m. on the weekdays, and full weekends work best. I don't have a specific time I need to be home, so anytime works. I'm all about smiles, and I am more than happy to babysit / animal sit. :)

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