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LOADS of FUN Laundry Services

6262 Brassie Drive, Grifton, NC

LOADS of FUN Laundry Services is a woman-owned business. I offer over 20 years of laundry wash dry fold services. I offer my services from Greenville to Kinston with focus on College and University students at East Carolina University, Pitt Community College and everywhere in between including surrounding areas. Just call me!!

"I do it all so you don't have to!"

There isn't a job too large or too small. My other motto is "One Call Cleans It All and More!"

I offer free pick up, delivery and laundry bag for all your wash-dry-fold clothing after establishing contracted services.

You can count on our reliable, consistent service and you'll be floored by our affordable prices. From our excellent customer service to up front prices, we promise to have your laundry washed, dried and folded and delivered within 48 hours.

Ask us for our price list as we have nothing to hide and everything is spelled out for your convenience and budget.

LOADS of FUN Laundry Services provides its signature line of laundry services to non-students living around University Campuses where we currently provide services at. Pricing differs from what students pay because non-students may do laundry more or less often.
LOADS of FUN Laundry provides services to:
Individuals or busy professionals
Senior Citizens
Group Homes
Summer Camps
University Departments and Laboratories

Pricing Information:
Pay per Pound of Laundry Done
There will be a delivery fees depending on your location
The delivery fees, if applicable, is due on the initial pickup
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