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1910 DRIFTSTONE CT, Richmond, TX

This Agency can provide a service or a combination of services in your home. Services appropriate to the needs of the individual will be planned, coordinated and made available under the direction of qualified staff and with the input of the client.

Home Care Services includes the following tasks:

Bathing may include:
Drawing water in sink, basin, or tub;
Hauling or heating water;
Laying out supplies;
Assisting in or out of the tub or shower;
Sponge bathing and drying;
Tub bathing and drying
Providing standby assistance for safety

Dressing may include:
Dressing the client undressing the client
Laying out clothes

Meal preparation may include:
Cooking a full meal
Warming up prepared food
Planning meals
Helping prepare meals
Cutting client's food for eating

Feeding/Eating may include:
Spoon feeding
Assisting with using eating and drinking utensils and adaptive devices.
This does not include tube feeding
Provide standby assistance or encouragement

Exercise, which is walking with the client

Grooming/Shaving/Oral care may include:
Brushing teeth
Shaving underarms and legs, (when requested)
Caring for nails
Laying out supplies

Routine Hair Care may include:
Washing Hair
Drying hair
Assisting with setting, rolling, or braiding hair. This does not include styling, cutting, or chemical processing of the hair
Combing or brushing hair
Applying nonprescription lotion to skin
Washing hands and face
Applying makeup
Laying out supplies

Assistance with Self-Administered Medications:
Reminding a client to take a medication at the prescribed time
Opening and closing a medication container
Pouring a predetermined quantity of liquid to be ingested
Returning a medication to the proper storage area
Assisting in reordering medications from a pharmacy

Toileting may include:
Changing diapers
Changing colostomy bag or emptying catheter bag
Assisting on or off the bedpan
Assisting with the use of a urinal
Assisting with feminine hygiene needs

Assisting with clothing during toileting
Assisting with toilet hygiene, including the use of toilet paper and washing hands
Changing external catheter
Prepare toileting supplies and equipment. This does not include preparing catheter equipment
Providing standby assistance

Transfer/ambulation may include:
Non-ambulatory movement from one stationary
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FAQs for finding home care agencies in Rosenberg

What types of services in 2021 can a home care agency in Rosenberg, TX provide?
Home care agencies in Rosenberg, TX can assess the needs of your loved one and send a caregiver to their home to help them. They can assign one, or several caregivers to your loved one depending on how much care they need and the exact services they need. Home care agencies will also periodically supervise their caregivers and provide back-up services around Rosenberg if needed.
In 2021 what should I look for in a good home care agency near me in Rosenberg, TX?
When you begin contacting home care agencies in Rosenberg, TX you need to make sure they have experience managing the exact type of senior care your loved one needs. Ask specific questions about how their caregivers manage things like mobility, medication prompting, emergency situations and the frequency in which they update you on how your loved one is doing. Also ask how often they will supervise their caregivers and what procedures you should follow if you need back-up care or are dissatisfied with how care is being provided.
How can I find senior home care agencies near me?
There are currently 14 home care agencies in Rosenberg, TX on and you can filter these local results by distance from your zip code. From there, you can compare listings to see how long each agency has been in business and read descriptions of the types of services each agency provides.