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Little Lambs Daycare and Preschool Ministry

208 SE 16th St., Bentonville, AR

Starting at $20/day

Little Lambs Daycare and Preschool Ministry:
We offer quality childcare at affordable prices. Full preschool curriculum provided at no extra charge.
We are not an institution. We do not force one generic schedule onto every single child regardless of maturity level or age. We tailor each curriculum and each routine to each child, as everyone really should.
We are not some place where your child will have a different teacher every week. There is no turn-over in a family home.
We do not place your child into a room of 15 other children the same age with just one or two teachers who may or may not even be mothers themselves. Your child already knows how to be their own age! In our home, they will interact with people of many different ages. An inter-generational education and daycare setting prepares even the little ones for the real world. None of you spend your entire day with 15 other people the exact same age as you are. How boring and weird would that be? Why expect that for your child?
We do not believe in using the t.v. or toys or food to entertain a child. Children come here to be interacted with and to learn. We are the ones responsible for that, not some inanimate object.
We are not a germ waiting to catch your child. Every single item in our main room is sanitized every single day. We keep things to a minimum and rotate them out for optimum health. Our kids have been extremely healthy this year, and we work hard to ensure that.
We are not just a place to keep your child. We are a home with lots of love, patience, kindness, and respect. We are a big family here.
We are not in this to make money. We do not take just anyone into our home for a paycheck. We pray over each one and let the Lord lead us in who comes to our home. Money is not even considered. Attitudes, integrity, faith, and morals are considered. There is not one bad influence in our home, and we try to keep it that way. The children here are wonderful, and we would love to welcome yours into our family.
Our Full-Time Rates are $100 per week regardless of age ($20 daily). No extra charge for infants! We do not charge a supply fee or enrollment fee. We strive to be honest and fair in our pricing as Jesus would want us to be.
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