Tons of Fun Daycare

2380 36 Street
Astoria, NY 11105
2380 36 Street, Astoria, NY 11105
917-400-3496 917-400-3496

Tons of Fun Daycare

2380 36 Street
Astoria, NY 11105
2380 36 Street
Astoria, NY 11105
917-400-3496 917-400-3496
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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2011
Total Employees: 2-10
Awards & Accreditations
I have many hours in infant and toddler classes ranging from SIDS to bitting to general stress in the daycare, business management, parent relations and child relations a like. I am completed by degree in Child psychology and will continue to my Masters in Social Work. Education and learning is never ending here for me and all my staff.


State license status: Open ( verified on 6/23/2022)
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Child Care Center/Day Care Center
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Summer care / camp
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Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
All Ages $ 96 per day 4
*availability last updated on 04/16/2018
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Ratings & Reviews

( 21)
The worse daycare ! Don't trust your kids with this lady. I just took my kids out because my kids came home telling me sherry pulled my hair today ! I had problems with sherry before but that's it. I'm not giving this lady not even 1$ !
Reply from Tons of Fun Daycare
Never had a Family here with the mother named Crystal, these allegations were made by a disgruntle employee named Nemesis Familia and ACS came and found that there was no truth to them at all. It amazes me how far someone will go because they were released for there behavior in front of the kids. Tsk Tsk....

Hello potential new families if you need child care for your child please call for the references that will tell you about experiences from the families not disgruntle staff members.
If I can give this a ZERO, I WOULD! The kids are so sweet but the owner is the worse! She is constantly screaming at the kids and also her workers, she shows a good face to the parents but once those doors close and parents leave she is a completely different person. She curses in front of the kids, she even hair pulls especially with Evelyn and sawyer! Those 2 go through a lot in this daycare! And the owner says it's a way of breaking the ice for them so they can learn like the other kids, I feel so bad because the parents pay a good amount of money to keep their kids in this daycare but they have no idea what does on behind doors. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS DAYCARE FOR NO ONE!!!!
Reply from Tons of Fun Daycare
Ruby, it is shameful to write a false review. You were here for 9 days and in those nine days you created a lot of issues with the way you spoke to us and the way you insisted on doing things, you were rude and disrespectful in front of the kids and you walked off the job because you could not handle being corrected. I would imagine if you are going to write a review that you should tell the truth. I have to wonder if Nemesis used your name to write this review since she did not accomplish her task of having me closed because the allegations were false.
Our son has had the pleasure of attending Tons of Fun daycare for the last year (since he was 18 months) and it has been a wonderful experience. Since day 1 I was always confident that my son was safe, cared for, loved and engaged. The owner, Sherry, is deeply invested in her business and truly cares for the children as if they are her own. She is always available for communication and can be easily reached to discuss absolutely anything. She is open to suggestions and always partners with you in the best interest of your child. The facility is kept incredibly clean and they provide nutritious homemade food. There is a strong focus on academics from an early age and I know this helped my son's language development tremendously. They have also taught him socialization skills, and I know my toddler is as polite as he is because of the guidance he got at Tons of Fun. They have recently made changes in their daily schedules to include more outdoor time (despite not having an onsite playground) that I think is a great improvement. We will miss our friends, the staff and Sherry at Tons of Fun and will be forever grateful for the loving care our son received.
I worked at Tons of Fun Daycare for just about 6 years. Started off as an assistant, then became the provider/manager for one of the facilities. Seeing these negative reviews hurt me to the core.

Firstly let me start by saying not only did I work there but BOTH of my kids attended daycare here. I would not trust my kids with anyone but Sherry and the Tons of Fun Daycare staff. My son started from a couple of weeks old until he was just over 4. He has blossomed into the most spectacular little boy and I owe it all to Tons of Fun. He shows compassion and empathy, he is so helpful and caring. He is super intelligent especially at his age, reading and writing. These are all things that were achieved by Sherry and the staff at Tons of Fun. My daughter was there also from a couple of weeks old until 10 months, she is more advanced than I could've imagined, she began walking at 8 months and is also very gentle and sweet, things I give credit to to Tons of Fun. It was the hardest thing ever when we moved because the daycare was their home. Sherry and the staff are like family. I couldn't imagine putting them anywhere else and I'm dreading school in the fall for my little guy.

Secondly, I'd like to address the last 3 reviews posted because they were posted by staff when I was an active manager and I can certainly vouch for the fact that they are malicious and false.

Post on 5/10/2018 by M
Yes there was a stomach bug going around, I even caught wind of it. This is not something that needed to be reported as it wasn't an infectious disease, just a bad stomach bug which everyone recuperated from including myself. Yes of course we will get frustrated that you are "napping" on the job. This is a job that requires us to be alert at all times. We are working with children, not pushing papers. There are little lives at stake here if we are not paying attention. So yes, staying awake is a key responsibility for the daycare assistant position. The staff member was not fired because they were sick and didn't feel well, it went far beyond that; napping being a major concern.

Post on 5/11/18 by "Cynthia"
Obviously this is NOT a horrible environment for the children. It's an environment where the children are encouraged to have compassion for each other, where they are encouraged to learn through play and laughter. I can say for myself, Sherry and the current staff, we love them as they are our own and show them everyday.

Not once did the owner say the staff HAD to bring in their own toilet paper. However when we went through 1 roll of toilet paper every 4 hours it did seem like a waste of money that could be used for products for the children; games and activities. But never once did the owner say the staff had to buy. In fact staff brought in their own because they admitted to and saw there was a wasting issue and tried to be a part of a solution. It was never a mandatory thing. More so just appeared to be the staff helping out.

Post on 5/24/18 by "Charlotte"
Yes there are mouse traps in places where the children cannot reach them. This is a preventative measure we have taken because we do live in one of the 5 boroughs of NY. There were never any mice on the traps, just something we moved around to clean. Yes we do stress cleaning because we want a clean environment for the children. Germs can easily be passed from adult to child, child to adult, and objects/surfaces to persons very easily in this environment. It is a daycare. To prevent the spread of colds and the like we do stress that the environment be cleaned properly.

We do teach the children here at the daycare but it is not something that is heavily stressed, if the children are interested then we teach them through activities and play. As I have seen the past 6 years working in the daycare, we have be able to aid the parents in producing very intelligent little minds through our learning through play curriculums. I can also assure everyone, the children absolutely play and just have so much fun on a daily basis. Tons of Fun to be exact.

All in all, I can honestly say I will miss all of the staff and children alike as well as Sherry, of course. This was such a peaceful environment for my children and I cannot thank all of you enough for caring for my children like they were your own. Through all of their little quirks, I can honestly say my children are loved by all of the Tons of Fun family. My son cannot stop talking about it. "I miss Sherry school." No better daycare than Tons of Fun Daycare.
The CEO got angry because I refused to pick up the mice trap Then she fired me . She only cares about the place being clean, I thought the job was to take care of the children's and have fun with them. She is very strict about them learning but they are too young to understand they not even in real school is suppose to be a fun environment .
Reply from Tons of Fun Daycare
Charlotte was never someone who worked for me, this is a false name. The individual writing this is a hand model and refused to clean or wash dishes or change diapers to avoid damaging her hands. LOL This was not the job for her, she was here for 6 hours. She can not speak on behalf of my daycare since she was only here for .5 of a day. I will not discuss the academics portion since there is never anything wrong with educating our youth. No one is forced to do anything here.
Horrible environment for the kids , The owner told one of the staff to bring their own toilet paper because they are wasting it .
Reply from Tons of Fun Daycare
As the owner I never told anyone to bring their own toilet paper and there was never a Cynthia that worked here either. The manager of the floor at the time told the staff to stop throwing wads of toilet paper int he garbage and that if they were going to go through roles of it in a day then we were going to run out and they would need to bring more. this conversation was taken out of context and it was not one that was had with the owner .
There was a virus going on and most of the children had diarrhea and vomit more than ten children got sick and according to the department of health the owner needed to report it but she did not because she only cared about the benefit . The owner also got frustrated when I was taking a nap then she fired me because I called out sick because I was not feeling well .
Reply from Tons of Fun Daycare
I do not need to report to the DOH that the kids got a virus. I do need to inform the parents and send the kids home to keep everyone safe. Not sure with M got the information she got, but it is inaccurate. YES absolutely I got frustrated to find a staff member sleeping on the job. I have to laugh about this one because who would admit to sleeping on the job. This was not the first time, sleeping on the job was a big complaint that I had and she was warned and released because she was putting the kids in danger but being asleep and not watching them.

Being the owner is not an easy job and having to release people from their responsibilities is not something I enjoy doing, however, if the children are dealing with things they should not be dealing with them I have to do what I have to do and face the reality that I may have to deal with these types of complaints.
Today is our last day at daycare after being with Sherry and her team for 5 years and 2 children later. This is quite sad for us all and we will miss her and the staff that have watched my children grow and blossom and LOVE BROCCOLI :). My children have learnt academic and social skills that have prepared them well for entry into elementary school. The pre-K teachers have commented how well behaved and socialised the children are and they take turns, know all their alphabet and numbers, and how to line up etc.
I still remember the first day I visited as a nervous first time mum and observed my child interact whilst I asked questions. Sherry will work with you and provide advise for any growing pains along the way. The food offered is nutritious. The structure provided alternating games with learning is amazing. My daughter knows what a polygon and crescent shape are.

Thanks for the great memories and for creating a safe and secure space to leave our children.
Reply from Tons of Fun Daycare
Thank you Esta for always cheering us on, we miss the girls, and I miss you.
Jennifer K
My now 1 year old twins have been going to tons of fun daycare since they were eight weeks old. I couldn't be more happier with the owner Sherry and her staff. They all have a passion for the work that they do daily and the twins love going there. The owner makes herself available to discuss any issues and progress. She is happy to share her knowledge and brainstorm for solutions. I consider her an extension of our family. The daycare is clean brightly lit with lots of toys and they serve nutritious fresh food. They also help them with their physical and behavioral milestones as well as academics for the older kids.
Anthony F
My nearly 2 year old daughter started here when she was just 3 months old and my wife and I had to return to work. It is absolutely terrifying to hand over your tiny infant (maternity leave in the US is awful. Most countries in the world are minimum 6 months, but I digress) to someone who you aren't yet the most familiar with, who is then responsible for their care while you are away. I can confidently say that I was completely comfortable in doing so with Sherry and her crew at Tons of Fun daycare.

Over the next year and a half, I have watched my daughter gain an incredibly swift grasp at infant academics, social skills, creativity, and more. Sherry has been there to talk us through my daughter's various developing moods, tantrums, milestones, etc. She has been available well beyond business hours to speak via phone, which is huge when you're a busy working parent.

I noticed that someone who was walking their dog and has no other experience with Tons of Fun, left a review stating that this facility is a terrible environment for the kids, and that the owner apparently yelled at a kid. I have a few things to say to that. The first is, if you truly felt the environment was unsafe for the kids, you'd call 311 and report it, not leave a vague 2 sentence review. Secondly, I find it quite offensive. I have first hand knowledge of what happens here with my daughter, I see how excited she is every day to be dropped off, and how happy she is at the end of the day. If she was in a horrible environment, I would know. And to say such thing while knowing that parents are bringing their kids here, is completely off base. Lastly, maybe someone did yell loudly at a kid. They're kids. I would wager my toddler listens to me 30% of the time. Sometimes you have to be loud and commanding in order to get them to pay attention!
My daughter, almost 3, has attended Tons of Fun since she was 4 months old, and we have had a wonderful experience. Sherry has taken a sincere and loving interest in our child, nurturing her though all phases, both the good ones and the hard ones. She has also been there for us as parents, making herself available constantly and always giving us her undivided attention. My daughter has thrived under Sherry's care. I wholeheartedly recommend this daycare.
Reply from Tons of Fun Daycare
Thank you Meghan, I appreciate the kind thoughts and I look forward to a long friendship with you and your family. This is the toughest time, when the kids are old enough to attend a school and they have to leave. She will be missed, however, my phone is always open if you need to chat, vent or get simple advise...
Melissa F
Our daughter has been at Tons of Fun for over two years and we could not be more satisfied with the result. Sherry and her staff take a very individualized approach to each child - addressing their specific developmental needs in close coordination and collaboration with parents, and creating an environment that promotes academic, intellectual and emotional growth. Sherry supports parents by creating the space for dialogue and time for joint planning to address developmental milestones and challenges.
Antonette S
Both of my children have been with Tons of Fun since since they were 12 weeks old. My son now almost 3 and my daughter is 5 months. Sherry and her staff are awesome. I cannot tell you how many times my sons does not want to leave at the end of the day because he loves it there so much. Sherry is super supportive and I know my children are taken care of all day every day. We are so lucky to have found such an amazing daycare.
Reply from Tons of Fun Daycare
Thank you Antoinette, I am so sad to see you moving so far away, and yet I am so happy that you will be able to have quality of life compared to the hustle and bustle of New York, and my doors are always one for when you visit. I will miss the kids terribly.
Joyce F
Both my boys have been with Tons of Fun since they were 3 months old and we have loved Sherry and her staff since we joined. Sherry is extremely attentive and nurturing and provides a safe loving environment for my boys to grow. They have so much fun and have learned so much since they've been there. My 18 month old is already counting and my 3 year old is starting to spell his name! Sherry is always available to talk about any concerns we've had regarding phases or development and we work as a team to tackle challenges head on. We are so fortunate to have found such a wonderful place with wonderful people who all work hard to do what's best for the children!
Reply from Tons of Fun Daycare
Thank you Joyce, Having your boys has bees such a highlight of my everyday when they are here with us and very missed when they are not here and I am sad to see that it is time for one to move on to attend school.... he will be missed everyday.
Sherry S
As the CEO of Tons of Fun Daycare I have to say how appalled I am to be accused of such a horrible thing, I do not raise my voice at the children, If you want to know what we are about call and come to find out for yourself instead of taking the referral of a person who states she walks her dog In ihe area and hears yelling at the kids maybe we were playing, sing, dancing, being loud as kids like to be from time to time. Come check us out, you will see the truth. How can she give a reference when she does not and has been inside the daycare
Reply from Tons of Fun Daycare
Sorry for the typos, I should wear my glasses when doing these things...

1 - a person who states she walks her dog in THE area and hears yelling...
2 - How can she give a reference when she does not and has NOT been inside the daycare.
Jessica D
Horrible environment for kids. The CEO was screaming to a kid. I heard it when i was walking my dog around the area.
Reply from Tons of Fun Daycare
I am sorry that you feel this way about my Daycare, considering you have never had a child here or walked into the facility, you are more then welcome to contact me and tell me about your concerns on something that I am sure you misunderstood that my families already knew about. Thank you for taking the time out to voice your opinion which is all it is... an opinion.
Maria A
My daughter attended Tons Of Fun at age 2 when I went back to work full time until we
moved away from Astoria. As a nervous first time mom, I checked out every daycare in the area and scrutinized each place. It was only with Sherry and her staff that I felt the warm, loving and most of all safe environment that I was looking for. My daughter had trouble adjusting at first since we were never separated but the staff kept letting her know she was safe and she grew to love going to school. I cannot say enough good things about the place. Each one of the staff treats the kids as their own. If you have a child infant-3 yrs this is the place that will nurture your child which is exactly what they need at this age. Ps we still visit and keep in touch after we moved. Best of luck on your childcare search.
Megan K
My son has attended this daycare since he was 9 months old. Through each new transition and phase, Sherry and her dedicated staff have been supportive and very caring. They have seen him through first steps, first words, teething and tantrums. Each step of the way, there was excellent communcation and I always had piece of mind knowing that he was well taken care of, happy and thriving. We are moving out of town and I only wish that I could take Tons of Fun along with us! I would highly recommend this daycare.
I work at tons of fun daycare. I love my job, we are like a family and we couldn't be any close. I even think about the children when I'm not even working. I have been there to see many walk and I am very proud. I couldn't be anymore happier to work in a daycare like this.
Jessee J
My son has been going to Tons of Fun since he was 3 months old. He absolutely loves Sherry and her staff, she is a very loving and caring person who cares for my son like he was her own. I trust Sherry and always know that when he is with her he is in good hands.
Corinne K
My preschooler has been attending Tons of Fun with Sherry since Jan 2011. She has really blossomed there and many of her behavioral issues have improved DRASTICALLY. She thinks Tons of Fun is a TOYLAND and her favorite activity is playing house and cooking in the cute little play house structures. My daughters attend PS85 and many of their classmates are in Sherry's care as well. This crossover has really improved on the kids' social skills which were very lacking when school started. I recommend Tons of Fun if your child thrives in organized fun has a GREAT imagination.
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