Lucys Daycare

5101 S 8th Rd Apt 308
Arlington, VA 22204
5101 S 8th Rd Apt 308, Arlington, VA 22204
703-379-4541 703-379-4541

Lucys Daycare

5101 S 8th Rd Apt 308
Arlington, VA 22204
5101 S 8th Rd Apt 308
Arlington, VA 22204
703-379-4541 703-379-4541
At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 1987
Total Employees: 1

LICENSING INFORMATION has not verified this business license. We strongly encourage you to contact this provider directly or Virginia's licensing department to verify their license, qualifications, and credentials.
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Infant $ 380 per week 1
*availability last updated on 02/28/2022
Full Time (5 days/wk)
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Ratings & Reviews

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Crystal M
For three years, Ms. Lucy was more than a childcare provider for our son, she was like extended family. From the time she began caring for our son when he was just three months old, until he was a little over three years old, Lucy provided not only a day filled with activities and education, but the loving and nurturing environment children need to thrive. Lucy taught our son sign language, and he was able to communicate before using words. She taught him so much we would be impressed at home when he would show and tell us things that we knew as his parents we had not yet introduced him to. We moved from the area and therefore had to move our son's school, but it was the hardest move as a parent because our son loves Lucy like a grandmother. I HIGHLY recommend Lucy for your childcare needs!
Not a real business. She would not provide her tax id or EIN. When asked she hung up the phone.
Reply from Lucys Daycare
Never been at my day care.
I cannot say enough great things about Lucy and our daughter's experience there! Lucy came very highly recommended through family friends, and she met and exceeded our expectations! Our daughter started when she was just 5 months old, and now at 26 months old, is a bright, talkative, brave, and polite little girl who has learned and grown so much under Lucy's care. She was potty trained at 23 months -- ALL due to Lucy and her guidance and patience -- and can sing her ABCs, count, recognize some letters, and speak in complex sentences about just about everything! Our daughter, who was always wary around others, happily leaves me in the morning to join Lucy. Lucy is incredibly nurturing and clearly models patience and good manners (our daughter, unlike her big sis, ALWAYS says "please," "thank you," "you're welcome," and "bless you"). Lucy taught our daughter baby sign language before she could speak for herself, which was incredibly helpful. And Lucy respects our parenting choices (e.g., was so supportive of breastfeeding, helped us wean her off her pacifier at naps, etc.), and also offers great advice when we are struggling with various issues. Moreover, amazingly, Lucy seems to have unlimited energy when interacting with the kids and keeps their days busy with reading, playing, singing, art projects, and walking to nearby playgrounds and the Long Branch nature center. Lucy has flexible, full-time hours, and is reasonably priced, too! We recently made the very difficult decision to transition our daughter to a preschool closer to home, where she can remain until Kindergarten. But if you're looking for fantastic, nurturing child care, we strongly recommend Lucy!
Jacob C
I was initially very wary of using an in-home daycare for our childcare needs; however, Lucy came very highly recommended through family friends and luckily happened to have an opening (a generally rare event) for our baby girl.

Lucy did not disappoint, notwithstanding her phenomenal reputation. She has been great with our daughter, now 2 (who learned to count and began to learn her letters and to potty train through Lucy). So much so that our daughter, who is generally very shy around others and wants to stick to her Mom like glue, happily leaves her in the morning to join Lucy. Lucy also seems to have boundless energy when interacting with the kids (not quite sure how).

We recently made the very difficult decision to take our daughter out of Lucy's care, because we received an opportunity to transition our daughter to a center that she can stay at until Kindergarten and that is more convenient to our home, so one of those rare opportunities to join Lucy should be opening up soon.

If you're looking for great, nurturing child care and are lucky enough to find a spot with Lucy, I strongly suggest you grab it while you can!
Julie S
Our son spent 3 years w/Ms Lucy -- he is bright, bubbly, confident, and polite, which is a testimony to the care he receives at daycare as well as home. My spouse and I are both active duty military and Ms Lucy's flexibility helped us manage the DC commute, day care drop offs/pick ups, and several weeks of single parenting over the past 3 years. She works hard to ensure our son is loved and cared for all the time, but especially when one of us is away for the week. The in home environment provided our singleton with peers, without being exposed to an overwhelming number of potential illnesses (increased with the number of children). Lucy managed our son's minor illnesses well and always called when she became concerned -- as a nurse, I found her judgement spot on. Finding Lucy was an answer to our prayers and our son is thriving and ready for the next adventure.
Katie A
My son started with Lucy just after his 1st birthday when my husband was transferred to VA for work. Now, my son is 2.5 years old and, thanks to Lucy, is fully potty trained, can recite the alphabet and count to 25 with ease. He is great with sharing and knows his shapes and colors.

Lucy is not just a child-minder, she is most definitely an incredible teacher.

But most importantly the kids have fun with her. I can't tell you how many times, I have arrived to pick him up and hear giggling and happy squeals all the way down the hallway. Our experience has been nothing less than wonderful.
June K
Lucy is absolutely wonderful!! Our son was with Lucy for a little more than a year and she was a HUGE help through that time. Like another reviewer wrote, she is a great parenting partner, always ready with helpful advice on how to get kids to eat, poop, sleep, you name it. I'm so grateful for her and feel very fortunate to have found her.

Her fee is affordable and that's a huge plus in this area where child care costs are ridiculously high.

I have complete confidence in her and sometimes I feel like he does better in her care than in mine. We are moving away and I'm so sad he's leaving her day care. I think I'm going to miss her as much as my son will. I wish I could take her with us!
Michelle R
We had a wonderful experience with Lucia Rodriguez as our daycare provider for 2 years! My daughter blossomed under her care, from an underweight, motor-delayed 1-year old to a happy, active, developmentally appropriate 3-year old, and Lucy played a large and very important part in that transition. I cannot say enough good things about Lucy. The kids love her; my daughter couldn't wait to go play every day with Lucy and the "babies" - she would run into the house without hesitation. Being at an in-home daycare allowed her to have the experience of a select number of playmates in a comfortable home setting, without the overwhelming hustle and bustle of a full-capacity daycare, with 12 or more kids per class and multiple caregivers. At Lucy's, she learned some basic sign language, letters, and numbers, as well as the all-important lessons of sharing and caring and being a friend, and she also was potty-trained those last few months!

Lucy is fully licensed by Arlington County. Her flat is always very clean and the kids always seem happy and orderly. Her former "students" come by to visit all the time (and her kitchen is covered in pictures of her previous kids). She has years of childcare experience, and she is also just the sweetest lady. I was so freaked out about putting my daughter in the hands of a stranger when I went back to work, but I can say that I trust Lucy wholeheartedly, and I had no concerns about my daughter's safety or well-being when she was at Lucy's. We were so lucky to have found her!
Caroline S
While I have already written one review. Our daughter just transitioned to Preschool (after 2.5 yrs with Lucy), and I felt it necessary to write another review. Lucy is simply the best. She is kind and caring with the children. Helping them learn skills as well as great character lessons. She is incredibly patient, and I am always amazed at how much energy she has at the end of the day even when chasing around 4 kids between the ages of 5 months and 2.5 yrs old. She is also an incredible parenting partner. She offered us advice on discipline and toilet training, always keeping Maggie's best interest in mind. Lucy is a gem, and children thrive with her. She is ready to play and learn, reading to the children constantly, talking them on nature walks and to the playground, and teaching them how to be kind, confident people.

We can't wait to have another child so that we can send her to Lucy's once I go back to work.
Caroline S
Lucy has been caring for our daughter since she was 4 months old. Now, our chatty, spunky, confident 19 month old is still loving her days at Lucy's. She is not only caring and loving with the children, but she instills in them great values and habits. My daughter is brave, strong, and friendly. I credit Lucy with much of this development. We feel so lucky to have found her!
MaryCatherine Y
I can't say enough wonderful things about Lucy! My 13 month daughter Cameron has been with Lucy for the past 9 months and it's been a wonderful experience. I love watching Cameron "run" to Lucy's front door each morning and hearing a full report on her day each evening. Cameron has thrived with Lucy - we are amazed at how much she has learned and how well she plays with the other kids and babies. My family and I are relocating to Roanoke, VA and are heartbroken to have to leave Lucy. We are so thankful for all of the love and support she has provided my family & daughter the past few months. I highly recommend Lucy's Daycare!
There aren't enough to express how grateful I am to Lucy. She has taken care of my three children two since the age of 3 months and my eldest child who started going there when he was 2 1/2. When My oldest child went to Lucy and he didn't speak one word and would only point to things he wanted and was behind on communicating and other skills a toddler should have. Lucy introduced so many wonderful activities that helped my son understand that he needed to learn how to talk. Everyday he would say a new word to us and it was a great feeling to know that our son could now speak with words instead of pointing and crying. My other two children 'graduated' from Lucy's so well prepared for preschool and & Kindergarten that the teachers asked me where they learned it all and I with much pride said Ms. Lucy!!
Lucy has a mannerism that the kids love to go to her daycare. The children feel loved and cared for. She provides breakfast, lunch and snacks that the kids really enjoy. She prepares the meals herself - which are all well balanced and nutritious meals. According to my kids Lucy's cooking is the best!!
What I loved about her daycare is that it has different areas for the children to play and learn. She has building blocks, puzzles, learning toys and a wide variety of books. She reads to all the children stories and with older children asks simple questions that the children love to answer and give their ideas.
She takes the children to the park and they always have a great time.
As I stated before, I am so grateful to have had Lucy as my children's daycare provider - she is a great person that has many years under her belt and for my family is a First Class exceptional child care provider!! I highly recommend her to all my friends that are expecting or those who are looking for an honest, trustworthy and exceptional person as Lucy.
Elizabeth H
We have been with Lucy for almost 8 months now and she has been so great with our son - he adores her. He literally walks through her door, waves to us if we're lucky, and then runs into the play area or kitchen every morning. Lucy provides a nurturing and loving atmosphere, stimulation, play, great meals (my big eater loves her cooking!). She is constantly busy with the kids through play, reading, or activities of some kind that use gross motor skills etc. I often arrive to find my son working with play-doh, coloring, or doing puzzles. My daughter loves dropping her little brother off every morning and looks forward to her interaction with Lucy. Adding on to the previous post, all the families that I talked to as references still keep in contact with Lucy and visit often, I have met most of them. They had nothing but glowing remarks about her and I agree with them. My son is moving on to pre-school, but my family plans to stay in contact and visit as well.
I have used Lucy's services for the last 7 years. She has cared for all three of my boys. She provides a loving and caring atmosphere for the children. Hot breakfast and hot lunches are provided daily with snacks. The children engage in free play, organized activities, read books, sing songs and walk to the local parks. Coming to Lucy's is coming home to family. Former families still come to visit and stay in touch with each other. The ONLY reason that I do not still use her for my one year old is that we have moved out of the Arlington area. Also, her prices are vey reasonable.
very rude, i called and she told me she wont tell me the price over the phone and she hung up on me .. very rude, i just wanted to know the prices nothing more. she didn't even offer a tour. she hung up on me.... I'm so pissed
Reply from Lucys Daycare
Good morning Hala,
I am very sorry for any miscommunication.I typically provide
the cost during the interview process. I am sorry that you felt
that I was being rude, which I no means wanted that to occur.
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