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Photo for Weekend Stay Which Is Like Let's Say $80-150 For Friday At 4pm Until  Sunday 5pm

Weekend Stay Which Is Like Let's Say $80-150 For Friday At 4pm Until Sunday 5pm

Full Time
My kids are pretty simple just like any other six and 3-year-old who likes to play, likes to be outside, likes animals and puppies and full of life and energy. I do have my 6-year-old who will test the waters with you but that is about it. E likes to just tag along follow the leader but she's mostly the one that stays out of trouble while watching her YouTube and enjoying her space to herself. both my daughters tend to like to fight and argue a lot with each other or small things but at the end of the night or day I'm sure that they will show you that they love one another Our interests and values include education is the top value in our family we value knowledge to get to the next level we're always down for learning no matter who the person is or what the person age is. her interests are animals swimming outdoor events and just enjoying the beauty of life The kids love to swim they love to walk off they love to watch different reality shows on YouTube channels or whatever they're called. they love going to the park and playing with other kids my oldest is a big help so she likes to cook and she likes to clean and do her chores my youngest is the one that likes to be a mess and it's a tomboy like how mommy used to be They need help with my oldest needs a lot of help with her sight word she gets really nervous when it's time for her to do her test you can repeat the word to her three times and she still would not remember what you said. so reading for my oldest my youngest needs help with learning to be a little bit more aware of her surroundings so that way she can know not to scream not to be so loud but they're both polite and respectful so that's the best part we're looking for someone who has patience and good guiding skills can deal with people that may have ADHD hyper hyperdisfaction disorder and can have a lot of energy so that way they can keep up with the kids To get to our home, you can Our family includes no pets at the very moment but we will be moving into a new place very soon and I might get my girls either a puppy and a rabbit and that's about it and a turtle we are animal lovers nothing that will harm or hurt anyone unless you are allergic
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