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Photo for Adult Supervision For A Teenager With Special Needs.

Adult Supervision For A Teenager With Special Needs.

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Our 14 (almost 15) year old son, C, is a great kid with a big heart that struggles from time to time with a mood disorder. His diagnosis's are anxiety, DMDD, SPD & Misophonia. Most of the time, others don't know he struggles since he socializes well most of the time. He is witty & funny too! Likes people, unless they're unkind to him of course. He doesn't like to be on the go a lot & tries to avoid large gatherings in public. He can stay home alone for short periods of time but if left too long can get into trouble due to being bored. This is why we're looking for adult supervision when we are gone for the day. Experience with special needs children. Some of his symptoms overlap with those that are on the spectrum (autism, high functioning). Experience with children who sometimes have a low threshold for flexibility. Caregiver should be compassionate, understanding, flexible, not demanding, ability to redirect or walk away if needed. Park in the driveway or grass. We have one dog, named Emma, who loves people! She is a 7-year-old Jack Russell mixed breed. Sweet girl. Sometimes doesn't like her belly touched but then loves it rubbed lol. We have two cats, Milo (black cat) & Onyx (brown). Milo is very skittish of new people so may hide the entire time. Onyx will most likely stay out in main areas & come up to you. Both are friendly. We would prefer C not to hold Milo while company is over because he gets scared. He can hold his cat, Onyx. We do have several other pets that stay in their cages. C's ferret stays in her cage unless he wants to hold her. But he can't put her down when we have company. He knows this.