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Empow Studios

1776 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA

Empow Studios After-School Club (ASC) is a unique care and enrichment program that brings together technology, arts, and play. Whether your child is programming their first robot or creating a self-watering garden in Minecraft, we nurture their creative talent, build up their imagination, and spark interests that can open up new possibilities, while accommodating individual differences. ASC is open on early release days and is a designated drop-off-location for the Lexington Public Schools Transportation Department.

The ASC schedule includes physical breaks and snack time. Homework is done and checked daily, with support from our staff. During Project Time, kids will continue working on their favorite video games, robots, and Scratch projects, or start a new project within our Tech & Design curriculum. Kids end the day with Choice Time, which includes group games, Minecraft, LEGO free-building, and other creative activities.

Empow also runs camps during February Vacation, April Vacation, and over the Summer. Kids can choose between Tech & Design Camp and Minecraft Camp. At Tech & Design Camp, kids build awesome projects in robotics, video game design, animation, programming / coding, 3D modeling & 3D printing, digital audio & video, and music production. During Minecraft Camp, we teach electrical engineering (via redstone) modding, architecture, game design, and world creation, all while developing teamwork and social skills. Both of these camps are either in your town or right around the corner! Empow will be running camps in Boston s Back Bay, Belmont, Brookline, Cape Cod, Lexington, Newton-Needham, and Westford.

Other Empow programs include one-day NanoCamps when schools are closed, weekend technology clubs, birthday parties, and private lessons.
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L.E.A.P. Childcare

1 Charles Gardner Lane, Woburn, MA

Costimate: $319/wk

At L.E.A.P. Childcare we believe that you are never too young to discover what you are great at and how you learn best! Each child is special and unique, and we strive to instill a positive self-image in everyone. We encourage an environment that focuses on learning through play and exploration. Through this, we also support and foster the social, emotional and physical development of children.

L.E.A.P. Childcare s curriculum in each classroom focuses on a balanced mix of
structured teacher-directed activities and independent learning. We believe it is important for children to be given time each day to learn by exploration; whether that means inside with one of our many learning manipulatives or outside
discovering the world around them. The possibilities are endless!

Children are also given time each day for unstructured free play. During this time, children will not only be given more opportunities to explore their environment and the materials in it, but this time will also promote the development of social skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Unstructured free play is the perfect time for children to discover their interests and express themselves.

Preschool: Our preschool classroom will dedicate time each day to the letter of the week . During this time children will focus on letter identification (uppercase and lowercase), letter sounds and beginning words. Preschool students must be age 2.9 in order to enroll.

Pre-K: Our pre-k classroom will dedicate time each day to focus on a special monthly unit. We will read books, learn new information and work on activities/projects relating to our unit. Pre-K students must be age 4 in order to enroll.

Our monthly tuition rates are as followed:

2 Days: $580/Month
3 Days: $831/Month
5 Days: $1,235/Month
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