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MPC Early Childhood Eduaction Lab School

980 Fremont St, Monterey, CA

Starting at $225/wk

The MPC Early Childhood Education Lab School provides an environment for the children to be creative, critical thinkers and problem solvers. We do this through utilizing eclectic theoretical approaches based on Piaget's Cognitive constructivism, Vygotsky's social constructivism, Bank Street's Developmental Interactionist, Reggio Emilia's child emergent and Urie Bronfenbrenner's Bio-ecological approaches to child development.

We embrace the development of important concepts, skills, and social emotional competencies through a play-based approach to learning that fosters the development of each child's critical thinking skills by giving them opportunities to experiment, explore, and question, while nurturing them as active, successful members of society. Our indoor/outdoor classroom curriculum approach helps each child develop a positive sense of self, recognize the needs of others and fosters creative expression, and a connection to nature. We believe that children co-construct knowledge at home, in the classroom and the community. Learning is an inherently social phenomenon, making partnerships with families and connections to the community an essential component of our program.

Families are children's first teacher(s) and an integral part of our early childhood educational approach; working with families builds a strong, healthy partnership that benefits children, parents, teachers, students and the community. Family input and involvement in their child's care and education is a vital component of our program.
We embrace the diversity of our families and the community and in collaboration with them believe in providing culturally relevant care and education that is consistent with the following 4 goals of the Anti-bias curriculum framework.
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FAQs for finding preschools in Monterey

In 2021 what types of preschool can I find near me in Monterey, CA?
There are two main types of preschool programs you can send your kids to in Monterey, CA. The first is a full-time preschool program that usually works well for parents working full-time shifts. The second is a part-time preschool program where you can enroll your child for 2-3 days per week and typically choose between a morning or afternoon shift. A part-time preschool can be a great option if you want to ease the transition of this new learning experience for your child. You can also check your options in Monterey, CA for traditional preschool centers, or private home-based preschools.
What should I look for in a good preschool program in Monterey, CA?
When you begin looking for preschools in Monterey, CA ask about the ratio of learning time to supervised play time so you can get a good sense of whether you believe your child's needs will be met. From there, ask about what a typical day consists of, what the safety protocols are and how discipline will be handled. Also, make sure to check directly with the preschool for information about their local licensing and credentials in Monterey, CA.
How can I find a preschool near me in Monterey, CA?
There are currently 14 preschools in Monterey, CA on and you can filter these local results by distance from your zip code. From there, you can compare between preschool programs by traditional facility-based preschools and private, in-home preschools. Be sure to check reviews from other families in Monterey, CA who have previously sent their kids to any of the preschools you are interested in.