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Brickhouse Daycare's Photo

Brickhouse Daycare

12 Whitins Rd, Sutton, MA

Costimate: $228/wk

I have worked with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers for over a decade with an emphasis on finding activities that engage a group of children and, simultaneously, create opportunities for me to pull aside each child and work with them 1:1 at some point during the day.

Most recently I have worked as a licensed assistant in a Family Child Care program. Building on my experience and years of working with mixed age-ranges, I am beyond thrilled to be running my very own program. Personally, I am a mother of two great kids, ages 5 and 13.

From my experience working in daycares over the years, I have seen that children do better when there is some structure and routine to the day. In my home, we have a blend of both gross-motor activities and sensory / dramatic play activities.

One of my favorite activities to do with the kids is actually yoga. It all started when I was at work several years ago and stretching my legs, simply because I was sore from exercising. I noticed the kids starting to imitate me. Watching how they moved their bodies in different ways and learned how to control their bodies, seemed very interesting. Since then I've researched kid-friendly yoga practices, including some fun activities like the Alphabet Poses, where we act out each letter with our bodies. For infants that can't hold the poses, they'll play in my lap and I'll help guide them towards certain movements that help them explore their limbs and bodies. It's really good healthy fun for all ages.

Lastly, another key pillar of my program is centered around nutrition. I am a true believer in the importance of healthy habits, and eating healthy meals is a big part of that.
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