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Sophie's Dog Walking & Pet Care LLC's Photo

Sophie's Dog Walking & Pet Care LLC

2001 N. Adams St., Arlington, VA

I've grown up with dogs since before I could crawl. There were always at least two-if not three-in my home thanks to my mom's love of dogs. In fact, long before dog-walking services were commonplace, my mom started her own pet care business in NW Indiana, where I grew up. I watched as she became a much-valued member of the community as people worked longer hours and needed help with their furry friends. And nearly 20 years later, she's still out there walking!

Needless to say, when I moved to D.C. in 2015, she was an inspiration. I came to the city looking for new opportunities and was living in my aunt's basement in Foxhall Village. A neighbor needed help with her dog and before I knew it I was walking five, then ten-I became so busy several years ago that I was able to quit my retail job. Now with 25-30 daily clients, it's a full-time gig! I have truly been embraced by the NW DC community and feel so honored that my clients trust me with their pets and their homes. Even with the dawn of the dog-walking apps, I found myself very busy with a maxed-out schedule. I like to think this is because people prefer to form a bond with a person they can fully trust to care for their pet, rather than taking a chance with a stranger from an app.

Now I am happy to have my husband Josh come aboard and help me expand personalized pet-care to more people in NW DC and Arlington. So far the dogs seem to love him more than me, which hurts my feelings a bit, but he is pretty great. Our little old man dog, Rocky (pictured with me) has also enjoyed the benefits of dog-walker parents: more car rides and more dog friends.

In addition to daily walks, we also offer in-home sittings, drop-ins, and administration of some medications.

We cannot wait to meet you and your dog!
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