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Pet Sitters of Jax

54182 Turning Leaf Dr, 421, Callahan, FL

Thank you for visiting Pet Sitters of Jax on We offer in-home pet sitting and care for almost any type of animal. We will transport your pet to and from your animal hospital or boarding facility as well. We will pick up and deliver anything you need for your pet/s to your door 7 days a week, even in the middle of the night and holidays, from any hospital or store, if need be! We also offer pet walking, grooming, and even offer stool pick up for your home or business. We can do in home pet care other than pet sitting as well, some of these services include major wound cleaning and bandage changing, IV Fluids, as well as Insulin injections just to name a few. Need something not mentioned here regarding your pet? Just ask, we can accommodate anything you need, even LASER THERAPY!! We come to you to set up any service we provide at no extra charge. You will meet your pet service provider first and we will go over anything you need talk about. Also there is no cancellation fees or set up fees of any kind. There is also no window to short to fill your pet service needs! Holidays are treated no different than any other day, no extra charges! WE CARE FOR AGGRESSIVE ANIMALS AS WELL! We realize pets like these are not usually welcome at boarding facilities. You will not be responsible for any injury your aggressive pet may cause and there is no extra charge that may occur. We want to provide the care you need for your pet. We realize not everyone is capable of getting place to place easily and have very busy lives and that's one of the reasons we are here, to make things easier for you! Please visit our website or Facebook page for pricing and more info! Hope to hear from you! :)
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