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Hands-on Care Needed For My Father - Dad is an 89-year-old with...

Full Time $19 – 21/hr Starts 01/11 Seattle, WA
About who needs care: Dad is an 89-year-old with the limitations of a healed, but not perfect, broken hip. He has had mild dementia but was able to walk and talk just fine. However, this last week, he had a stroke. Now he can walk with a walker but they want someone to walk with him to make sure he doesn't fall. He can say some words but most are garbled and hard to understand. He has been approved to eat anything, but he is still at risk of aspirating especially if he eats or drinks too fast. Dad will need someone to walk him to and from the bathroom and his chair. He will need someone to get him food and be there in case he aspirates. He will need cleanup if he has trouble with bathroom or if he spills while eating. I leave for work at 8:00 a.m. and return home around 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. Dad usually sleeps late, then gets up and goes to his chair in the living room where he likes to drink coffee. He enjoys watching TV but can't really navigate changing channels any more. He also likes to open mail and read magazines. I'm sure he would enjoy other things too, if any of us had time to spend with him. About the care needs: Someone who is kind and patient. It takes him a long time to try to get words out. Someone who can help him with personal cleanup, especially bathrooming, and someone with a peaceful, fun-loving spirit and a good sense of humor. Dad is funny. They may also need to be strong enough to help him if he starts to fall. Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, companionship, feeding, bathing / dressing, and mobility assistance.
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