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Jamie Silver Spring, MD

1 Infant, 1 Toddler
Care need: Full-Time
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We're a family of four, plus our old gal pup Piper. Our older boy (3) is in Pre-K full time and our little guy (10 mos) is on the move- a curious, happy explorer. We love being outside, playing in the mud, baking, cooking, playing anything involving balls or sticks, hitting the playground, hiking, and hanging with family and friends. Our kids like to read lots of books, enjoy puzzles and open ended toys like blocks/balls, legos, etc, and we love to encourage imaginative play and listening to music, etc. They generally don't do screen time save for the occasional kids yoga video or video to answer a question like, "Mama, how does a crane work??" (because, I can't answer that without a little research). We're also into healthy eating - not heavy-handed about it but you'll see our kids eating tons of veggies, fruits, meats and healthy grains - and less processed stuff whenever we can swing it. Our ideal nanny share: We're seeking a share ONLY for our 10 month old, as he's been diagnosed with reactive airway disease, which really just means he's a healthy guy most of the time, but when he gets sick, he gets REALLY sick. He's been hospitalized in ICU twice in his 10 months of life, so we have pulled him out of daycare to avoid unnecessary exposure to germs. We're looking to host a share so we can control his environment (cleanliness, etc) a bit more, and we'll be seeking a nanny and share family that understand that we'll have to be diligent about making sure he is not exposed if anyone does fall ill. Our 3 year old is in Pre-K close by all day. We might consider bringing him home at 3pm-5pm instead of having him in aftercare, if this is a fit for the nanny and share family. I (mom) work from home, so I'll be on the premises but generally not interfering with the nanny's day to day with the kiddos. I respect her authority and direction as the primary caregiver during work hours. That said, our home is not that large, so there will be the added accountability of my knowing what's going on with the share, day to day. We need care about 9am-5pm Monday - Friday, give or take, so we'd like to host a share that operates within these general hours. Could start a bit earlier or end a bit later if necessary (our older son is dropped at school at 8:30am). We want to create a relationship with both nanny and share family that is flexible, open, good humored and respectful all around. We have not hosted a share before, so we will be defining much of this relationship as we go, but we will define expectations both together with the share family and nanny on paper, before the share begins. We totally believe communicating this way up front will make for the best experience possible.
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