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Norwood Park Preschool

4700 Norwood Drive, Chevy Chase, MD

Costimate: $315/wk

Norwood Park Preschool currently has openings for 2-5 year olds. Preschoolers will learn through play and who knows play better than Imagination Stage? We are proud to announce our partnership with Imagination Stage, integrating the arts with our early education curriculum. We are also offering Spanish language.

We believe in whole-child learning, that each child's self-esteem is nurtured by helping achieve competence in all domains: social, emotional, physical-motor, and cognitive. Our goal is to nurture feelings of worth and self-esteem in each and every child. We attempt to recognize and cherish everyone's differences and to encourage each child to respect the uniqueness of others.

Teachers understand that everyone learns and develops at a different pace. Respecting individual learning styles, our teachers provide customized educational plans for preschoolers. We work with parents and encourage family involvement.

Norwood Park Preschool is a hybrid-cooperative preschool, serving our community since 1939! Parents have and continue to be integral to the success of our programs, and their own talents benefit the children and the school. They are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the school - working with the children and teachers in the classroom to meet educative and social needs.

We have adapted our model to include families who cannot fully participate in a cooperative preschools. Families choose whether they can engage in school responsibilities or if they want a reputable, historic preschool to care after their children with limited parental involvement.

We attach great importance to play as a mode of learning: children learn best through play - indeed, play is a child's work!

Located on the beautiful grounds of Norwood Park, our educational program is an extension of our natural environment, the park in which we are located. Weekly themes including insects and the seasons have our children out in the field like little scientists, counting the legs on bugs and the points on leaves, or observing the outdoors with a keen eye in order to "paint like Claude Monet. " Our program's themes extend to a variety of topics about which children love to learn.

The "little green school" has hosted over 75 years of education to the community, and continues to grow, nurture, and support the blossoming minds of our future.
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