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Sophisticated Elegance Cleaning Service

900 Rowan Street, Charlotte, NC

Hello, my name is Ms. Sherell M. Crews, Executive Enterprise Manager and Sole Proprietor of Les Bourgeois Me' tier.. a company name which simply means "The Middleclass Trade" [future LLC]

Licensed; Insured & Bonded in Mecklenburg County as of 06/ 1998

I have 12 years of professional cleaning credentials and possess over 20 years cleaning expertise.

I have two cleaning services and [coming soon] a social event planning/ catering services.

Today I am advertising the cleaning services.

I. Sophisticated Elegance Cleaning Services [S. E. C. S.]

Catering to business professional; high end & exclusive clientele of residential properties; offices; salons: spas; private practices, firms and small businesses.


I. Dusting of the baseboards, windowsills, frames & blinds
II. Pictures, mirrors & glass tables will be dusted & cleaned
III. Electronics dusted
IV. Surface cleaning of all cabinet doors
V. Vacuuming all common areas
VI. Sweeping & mopping all hard floors
VII. And so much more

An innovative General Cleaning service provider whose objective is to clean & beautify small commercial properties, apartments; condos, offices, spas, salons & loft quarters

Have you been too busy or have you just chosen not to clean?, that's what Sophisticated Elegance Cleaning Services are here for.. to clean for the client to the highest of expectations.

I provide ridding properties of viral germs & bacteria. I provide a service of excellence & beautification.

I provide a service of MODEL appearance & cleanliness.

Would you enjoy having your own cleaning provider assist in your cleaning need?

There's no reason to have shame because you may be in need of a cleaning provider nor should you have shame because you don't like cleaning or may have no time to clean.

*Request that clients provide needed equipment & supplies

Classay Executive Cleaning [C. E. C. S.] is a contractual commercial cleaning service

Privately owned & operating in Mecklenburg County

My team of cleaners are honest, hard working, trustworthy, reliable, dedicated, meticulous & we take cleaning serious.

Cleaning is our business, germs & untidiness is our goal.

Classay Executive Cleaning Services are offering short & long term cleaning contracts

[First cleanings are not mandated contractual agreement]

If you currently have a cleaning service/ company that you are seeking to have replaced with a reliable, ethical and professional cleaning company who actually clean & beautify beyond the surface.. You've found it with C. E. C. S.
Les Bourgeois Me ' tier, The parent company of S. E. C. S. & C. E. C. S. are not to be mistaken as a franchise nor are we in conjunction with any other cleaning company or service.

C. E. C. S. are offering innovative cleaning concepts that would best benefit your Rental Properties; Multi Developments; Commercial Properties; Foreclosure Clean Outs & Cleaning; Vacant Properties; etc.

Available Monday - Friday & 2 Saturdays monthly

Schedule for your walk through in order to ensure your cleaning rate is accurate and to discuss what you are seeking from Classay as your commercial cleaning provider.

We desire a personable & professional rapport with you, your company; business or office for years to come, just give us a contact today.

Ms. Sherell Crews
[Executive Enterprise Manager]

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