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LadyBug Cleaning Service

54 Tarrymore Lane, Charlotte, NC

Tangibles- whole house cleaning
*Weekly cleaning
*Bi-weekly cleaning
*Monthly cleaning
*Move In/ Move out services
*Everything you would expect from a professional cleaning service

*Peace of mind
*Filth and clutter free home
*More time to do the things that are important
*Build a trusting relationship with same person coming to your home

Our service goal is to meet the specific needs of our clients within the scope of services offered. Residential cleaning is more than just cleaning someone's home; we strive to provide cleaning service that meets the standards of our clients as well as the high quality standard of the company. In doing this we are aiming to "wow" our customers by exceeding their expectations. In doing this we hope to establish a continual business relationship as long as services are needed. This goes for commercial clients as well as residential. We believe the services offered are divided into two parts; tangibles and intangibles. The tangibles consist of everything a cleaning service offers from a practical standpoint such as floors, windows, vacuuming, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. The intangibles are the results of the tangibles; which are time and peace. Our goal is to offer our clients more time to do the things they want. Secondly bring a peace of mind by eliminating filth and clutter. Therefore the tangible as well as the intangibles are the foundation of our service goals.
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