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The Cleaning Dolls

140 W Claiborne SQ, Chalmette, LA

We specialize in interior house cleaning!!!
Clean the exterior of all the kitchen cabinets, small appliances, and the inside of the microwave.
Clean the kitchen counter.
Hand clean or wet mop the kitchen floor, making sure to get underneath all of the cabinets.
Clean the backsplash throughout the kitchen.
Clean the exterior of all the bathroom cabinets.
Clean all of the walls in the bathroom, especially around the toilet.
Clean inside and behind the toilet.
Clean the inside of the tub or shower including any doors.
Clean the backsplash in the bathrooms.
Hand clean or wet mop the bathroom floor. Making sure to get underneath all of the cabinets, behind the toilet, and behind the pedestal sink if it has one.
Vacuum, dust or wet wipe all of the baseboards in the bathrooms.
Wet wipe all of the doors around the door handles in the bathrooms and the rest of the door if it needs it.
Wet wipe all of the switch plates throughout the home.
Vacuum and wet wipe, if needed, the baseboards throughout the home.
Dust any light fixtures that are reachable.
Edge all of the hard surfaces throughout the home.
Edge all of the carpeted areas throughout the home.
Vacuum all hard and carpeted surfaces.
Dust throughout the home. We will not remove books, CDs, movies, etc. from the bookshelves unless we are told to do so by the homeowner.
We will mop all hard surfaces.
Spot check windows for large marks.
Dust and wet wipe, if needed, all of the window sills throughout the house.
Vacuum all furniture, under the cushions.
Vacuum under all furniture that can be reached with a standard extension tube.
Give all the woodwork a dusting if it needs it: door trim, window trim and so on.
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FAQs for finding house cleaning in Chalmette

In 2021 what is the cost for house cleaning services in Chalmette, LA?
Hiring a house cleaner in Chalmette, LA will cost an average of $14.00 per hour as of June 2021. This rate will vary depending on what areas of your home you need cleaned, how long the house cleaner can expect to be at your home for each job and who will provide the cleaning products.
How can I find local house cleaners near me?
You can filter and sort local house cleaner profiles by distance from Chalmette or by zip code. Compare your options by reading about the services they provide, and reviews from past clients. There are currently 9 house cleaners in Chalmette, LA, although you can expand the radius of your search if you'd like to increase your options.
What are the different types of house cleaning services available in 2021?
House cleaners in Chalmette, LA range from general room cleaning all the way up to cleaning your attic. Be very detailed when you communicate with each house cleaner so you both are on the same page with exactly what you want done in your home. Cleaning the carpets may mean vacuuming to your house cleaner, but you may also want them to remove a few stains. Also, asking a house cleaner to clean the kitchen may not be descriptive enough if you want them to wipe down your cabinets and refrigerator.