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Explore the World Daycare

2838 S. Imperial St., Salt Lake City, UT

Starting at $145/wk

Explore the World Daycare

My philosophy for childcare:

Explore the World daycare provides an equal opportunity for an early learning experience, a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for children so that parents have peace of mind, feeling safe and secure with their child s environment away from home.

For children of all ages, race, gender, to have access to everyday activities. We will practice the importance of independent social skills, confidence, conflict resolution, self awareness, empathy and communication skills for each other.

We will also practice time management, accountability, group participation, team effort, patience, self discipline, building trust and healthy relationships, talents and achievements, and completing tasks and goals.

As a licensed Behavioral Technician specializing in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA therapy), I have worked over 7 years in the mental health field, and also as a Behavioral Therapist for children with Autism and at-risk youth. I am finishing my Associates in Social Work and my major will be LCSW, where I will be attending the program through the University of Utah.

I am passionate about early childhood development and believe in the power of learning and opportunity for children to feel safe and loved, valued, validated, cared for, and given tools to achieve their independence.

As a mother of two, I value the importance of creating a nurturing environment that every parent expects their children to thrive in. I have worked very hard in daycares, mental health centers, and schools where I have learned to empathize and communicate with both the client and their parents to help secure a safe and calm learning environment. This allows for the transition of everyday life to be easier to adopt. My daycare will feel like a home that provides a learning experience where both children and parents feel secure and confident.
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