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Luthy Family Daycare

1021 East 200 North, Provo, UT

Costimate: $125/wk

In business since 2009
LDS 28 yr old mother of 2 kids (4 & 2 yrs)
Third oldest of 12 children
Been married for nearly 9 years, husband is a Former Marine & owns his own business
Many References including parents of children I've had in my care for years
Have been a nanny, preschool teacher & started babysitting at 9 yrs old.
Close to BYU, bought this home 5 yrs ago.

Healthy snacks, meals, drinks
Preschool included; shapes, letters, numbers, colors, and much more
Potty training included
We throw Holiday and birthday parties
Bounce house days, pizza parties, cooking classes, pajama parties, singing, dancing, puppet shows, coloring, arts & crafts, walks to the park, picnics & much more!
Daily charts given of what your child ate, how much, when they napped, how long, when they had a diaper change, what it was, what they did that day, ect. . .
We go by a strict schedule, which makes for a happier child
Toys are disinfected DAILY to cut back on germs & sicknesses

Open Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:30pm for care during the day (earlier if needed)
Open Monday-Friday 5:30pm-11:30pm for Night care (earlier if needed)
$90 a week per child per week (up to 45 hrs a week) + $20 a month to cover food costs (am snack, lunch, pm snack & drinks) for children 1-12 for day time care.
Accepting children 0-12 years of age
$60 a week per child up to 20 hours a week with no additional cost for food/snacks for Evening Care.
Accepts cash or checks

I may consider part time care, just let me know what days/times you are needing and I will tell you if that would work or not. For example if you are needing care just in the mornings it would most likely work because I could probably find someone to fill the afternoon part time shift for care.
Feel free to call, email or text if you have any questions or would like to set up an interview. Thank You!

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