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Gilbert's Family Daycare

9131 Mr. Lincoln Ct., Orlando, FL

Costimate: $103/wk

I provide child care in my home. The families that I provide child care services to stay with me an average of four years to 12 years. I am a State of Florida registered family day care provider. I am college-educated in elementary and special education with a minor in small business management. I have 18 years of experience as a child care provider specializing in care for children newborn to age 12. As a professional family child care provider, I am committed to providing a high quality care in a home environment. I believe family child care offers children the opportunity to learn and grow with children of different ages in a supportive, loving, family-like atmosphere. My fundamental objective is to provide all children in my care with a safe, secure, clean, happy, and loving environment, in which every child feels that they are loved, valued, and wanted. I understand the amount of thought, trust, and respect that is required for a parent to entrust the care of their most valuable asset, their child, with any day care provider. All children enrolled in our day care are treated with love and respect and are provided with multiple opportunities to engage in a wide variety of activities such as, free play, coloring, reading/story time, crafts, cooking, circle time, sing-a-longs and much much more. Children are given the opportunity to explore, experiment and create in a safe and nurturing environment. This kind of early educational experience promotes learning through hands-on play and discovery. My home will become your child's home away from home and you will quickly discover the many hidden benefits of becoming part of our tiny day care family.
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