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Bright Starts Educational Daycare, Llc's Photo

Bright Starts Educational Daycare, Llc

3011 Button Bush Lane, Laurel, MD

Costimate: $225/wk

My name is Mrs. Marjorie McLennon and I'm the owner and director for Bright Starts Educational Daycare, LLC which is a new Family Child Care Home, located in the Russett Green community of Laurel, Maryland. I am a registered member of MSDE and a trained teacher with over 13 years of teaching background and experiences of working with children from 6 weeks old through to age 12.

Bright Starts Educational Daycare, LLC (BSED) is a state regulated family child care home (FCCH) and license to Marjorie McLennon, registration number is 254568 for region one in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. We are active participants in the Maryland EXCELS Program. Childcare reimbursement and subsidy accepted.

Our program follows a faith based teaching philosophy which helps to promote our children to practice godly morals, which develops their social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills.

We know that you may be concerned about the care and educational needs of your children and having your child enrolled in a safe and caring environment. At BSED, we strive to ensure that your children are placed in a warm, loving and caring environment, where all of their academic, physically, social, emotional, needs are met, as they learn the skills necessary that will aid them to become successful adults in society, providing age appropriate activities that are designed to promote growth and success as they develop social skills through interactions between leaders staff members and peers.

In order for children to grow and develop, they need to be placed in a stimulating environment. We believe each child is an unique individual who needs a safe and stimulating environment in order for them to grow and develop. Children learn best when their learning environment has multiple age appropriate resources, activities and care are tailored to meet their needs. To ensure that this is done we have decided to incorporate valuable resources such as the Creative Curriculum and the Abeka Bible and reading Curriculum that will foster a supportive and structured environment that is conducive to learning. My responsibility has the provider is to ensure that the children are safe, learning and having fun.

Education is the key to success. In order to meet our children s unique needs, BSED has developed an innovative approach to learning where our children can gain the skills they need to improves their lives as we provide care in a safe and stable environment.
Kids Kingdom Childcare and Learning Center's Photo

Kids Kingdom Childcare and Learning Center

9900 Washington Blvd North, Laurel, MD

Costimate: $215/wk

Kids Kingdom Child Care and Learning Center values early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning. We offer child care services from 6 weeks to 5 years old. We also offer before and after care program for school age kids. We believe that each child is a unique individual and should be viewed, respected and treated as such. As the welfare and well-being of each child is paramount, we strive to provide holistic support of the child's exclusive requirements and interests in a nurturing, familial environment that fosters the child's development across all developmental domains.
We believe that the child develops in an orderly manner by passing through stages of development, which occur in predictable sequential fashion according to his or her physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. We provide experiences in dramatic play, math, art, science, music, language, pre-reading and pre-writing. These experiences nurture and facilitate growth at each stage of a child's development.
Verbal skills are encouraged through group discussions and through one-on-one conversations between teacher and child and among children. These verbal activities enable children to develop the critical-thinking skills necessary to further learning. One of the teacher's roles in this process is to ask the right questions at the right time to spark the interest and desire to pursue a line of inquiry.
Partnerships with families provide us with invaluable information relating to cultural backgrounds and heritage. Our teachers strive to build the relationships with families based on co-operation and a mutual respect for the reciprocal roles that each play in the lives of the children. Partnerships with families are developed through daily discussions, newsletters and meetings. Moreover, The Kids Kingdom open door policy aims to facilitate an open flow of communication while maintaining confidentiality and respect of the privacy and wishes of each family, resulting in the highest levels of customer service. Partnerships with industry professionals assist staff development and expansion of the curriculum to meet the individual and collective needs of all children. Needs based on cultural identity, additional support education and medical interventions which all require greater individual knowledge and supported cooperative teams, assures all children are facilitated in an inclusive environment as best as possible.
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