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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2000
Total Employees: 2-10
Awards & Accreditations
Accredited by AdvancEd, the parent organization of SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

LICENSING INFORMATION has not verified this business license. We strongly encourage you to contact this provider directly or North Carolina's licensing department to verify their license, qualifications, and credentials.
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Monday :
8:15AM - 2:45PM
Tuesday :
8:15AM - 2:45PM
Wednesday :
8:15AM - 2:45PM
Thursday :
8:15AM - 2:45PM
Friday :
8:15AM - 2:45PM
Saturday :
Sunday :

Program Details

Child Care Center/Day Care Center
Preschool (or Nursery School or Pre-K)
Additional Details
Summer care / camp

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Toddler $ 4,664 per week --
Preschool $ 3,912 per week --
*availability last updated on 11/25/2014
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
Half-Day (Morning)
Half-Day (Afternoon)
Extended Care (Before School)
Extended Care (After School)
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Ratings & Reviews

( 7)
The school provides an awful learning environment. Preschool teacher Barbars Senn is hostile and unprofessional. She sits and plays on her computer and ignores the kids. She is very mean to the kids. The school has a bullying problem. The principal lacks any leadership at all.
I would say to completely avoid this awful school. VP Christa Iozzo's husband posted disturbing and disgusting pictures on the Internet and VP Christa Iozzo likes the pictures. She should not be VP in a school.
Horrible school. Preschool teacher Barbara Senn admitted to violating the school fever policy. She was rude and had outdated teaching methods. The principal Bob Cadran ignores everything. They constantly demand large donations of money. There is bullying in the school. It is a horrible school.
Wendy B
St. Mary Magdalene preschool has been such a wonderful experience for my daughter. The teachers go above and beyond to make sure that my daughter is cared for, loved, and feels safe. She has developed a love of learning and comes to school every day with a smile on her face, excited to see her teachers and peers. I can't wait for my son to start here in the fall!
Lydia B
I love this school. I love it so much that I commute an hour round trip to allow my children to attend. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I have three children, so I certainly need a good village! St. Mary Magdalene is that village. The teachers know my children by name before they ever attend their class. They know their siblings, us as parents and even the grandparents. They care for our children in a way that only close friends or family would. The staff and teachers and administration are not just educating our children, but they are helping us parents raise them. They instill spirituality, a moral code, ethics, and even encourage them to nourish their bodies with healthy food. This school is our home. It is our life. And I love it.
IrisRia D
My son is currently enrolled in the PreK3 program at StMM and he loves it. Our 9 year old daughter also attended the preschool program and still comes to greet her former teachers whenever she can! We have nothing but wonderful things to say about the teachers! Mrs. Dailey, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Senn, and Mrs. Spain create a wonderful, safe and nurturing environment for our children. They focused on helping the children learn to behave properly in a school setting (being able to sit still, listen, share, be a good friend to others) and adequately prepare them for the higher grades (counting, sorting, color and shape recognition, cutting), and overall just showed a joy in developing our children to be good people and good students. We intend to enroll both our children through 8th grade. It is a very welcoming and kind school community with engaged parents. They welcome classroom visits, just need to arrange them ahead of time.
Cristina W
Just a wonderful preschool! My sons love going everyday! Barbara Senn is a wonderful teacher- she has gone above and beyond for both of my children.
Phyllis B
My great grandson went to St. Mary Magdalene in Apex, NC for preschool. His preschool teacher, Barbara Senn, admitted to not following the school's fever policy. The school's fever policy was broken and children in the school were put at risk for being sick. The Vice Principal of the school, Christa Iozzo, was very unprofessional and rude. The school constantly asked for money and donations. The VP of the school Christa Iozzo's husband is named Christopher Iozzo. Christopher Iozzo has posted many disturbing pictures on his Facebook page. His Facebook page is a public Facebook page and therefore these disturbing images can be viewed by anyone in the public. The VP, Christa Iozzo, often comments on her husband's facebook page that she likes his posts. This is disturbing for the VP of a Catholic School to do as the images are very inappropriate. Chris Iozzo has a Google page with a picture of himself and the VP of St. Mary Magdalene School, Christa Iozzo. There are posts on this page with many more disgusting images and messages. It is known in the school that there is a problem with bullying that some of the teachers will not address. The Principal, Robert Cadran, lacks any leadership and just lets the teachers do what they please. He has his wife, Amanda Cadran, working at school also and puts great deal of focus on praising her but he will never admit to any wrongdoing on the part of the teachers even when Barbara Senn admitted she chose to violate the school's fever policy. The preschool teacher, Barbara Senn, is rude to the children and parents and admitted to choosing to violate the school's fever policy. My great grandson learned very little in her class, he mostly learned to not bother Barbara Senn when she is on the phone or typing on the computer (which apparently she did a lot when my great grandson was there). Shouldn't she be focusing on the children and not using the phone and the computer? Barbara Senn does not have up to date teaching credentials and was very mean to the children. For children of parents she didn't like, she would "forget" to send those parents emails about dress down days for the children and the children would come to school wearing their uniforms. Barbara Senn certainly had her favorites and would be very mean to those she didn't like for whatever reasons. I do not recommend this school to anyone.
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