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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

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In business since: 2008
Total Employees: 1

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Ratings & Reviews

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Gretta N
As a first time mom, searching for daycare was overwhelming! But the moment we met Nikki we knew our search was over! Upon meeting Nikki, I immediately felt that our new baby would be in good hands. Nikki welcomes every child into her home with open arms. She provides a safe and nurturing environment where your child is not only well cared for but loved. Nikki is fully committed to caring for your children and is dependable and reliable. She engages in activities and art projects with the children daily. She has helped us establish routines, supported us thought the terrible twos (and threes!) and helped us navigate potty training. I am thrilled with not only the education and play opportunities our daughter has experienced but the level of respect and manners she has learned under Nikki's care is impressive.
It's not easy leaving your child with someone else trusting that they will care for them like you would. But having Nikki care for your little one means peace of mind knowing that she will care for them like her own. She is so much more than a care giver to us and our little girl, she is part of our family. I honestly do not know what we would have done without her these past 3 years. I cannot say enough good things about Nikki. Choosing Nikki to care for our daughter was one the best decisions we have ever made. I consider us extremely lucky to have Nikki as part of our lives, part of our family.
Lisa M
Nikki has cared for my son since he was 6 months. He is now 2. She cares for him as if he were her own son. Shes professional, trustworthy, and on top of things! She helped him adjust to a schedule and gives a full report every day. My son has learned so much being with her.
Amy E
Nikki has been caring for my daughter since I went back to work and she was 2 months old. I can honestly say that Nikki is the best there is in the area! I had toured numerous daycare facilities and other in home daycare providers all through the Chester County area and she really is the best. She helped get our daughter on a nap schedule and she enjoys going to Nikki's everyday. She is always getting the kids outside or planning different activities for them. I can truly recommend her for your childcare. It is a great feeling to know your child is in a loving and safe environment.
Nikki has been caring for my son for a little over two years now and our family is truly blessed to have her in our lives. We trust her like she is family and she loves my son as if he were her own. Nikki creates a supportive and loving environment where the children respect her rules and respect each other. My son is extremely polite and well-behaved and I attribute so much of that to Nikki. He has so much fun at her house and is usually exhausted by the time he gets home. She is always coming up with unique arts and crafts for the kids to do and routinely does circle time with them to help them learn in a fun way. When it is nice out, she always has the kids playing outside and at the park. I can't even really put into words how grateful I am to have found Nikki and her family. I honestly don't know what we'd do without her!
Shannon K
Can only say great things. My husband I have always felt like Nikki truly loves our kids. She is extremely reliable and dependable. She keeps them active by taking them to parks, the library, and the baby pool. They also will do art projects and play tons of games. We have also appreciated her flexibility. As a family with 2 working parents, any time that I had to ask if they kids could stay a little late or come a little early, Nikki was happy to help. Now that my kids are in school full day, we don't get to see Nikki as much.....but she is our first call for days off and summer vacations - and my kids always still cheer when it's a "Nikki Day."
Megan P
Finding a sitter period is hard, but finding someone who will love and care for your child as much as you do is even harder. Nikki is that person, she loves all her children and takes care of them just as their parents would do. Wyatt at first cried a little the first few days but after he started having so much fun that separation anxiety stopped! That was such a relief for us. Nikki has a great clean environment for the kids and also has some rules that we respect. She really gets the kids involved and shows them how to interact friendly with each other. I have seen so many positive changes in my little one just from him being at Nikki's. Nikki will keep your little one safe and busy so they will never be unentertained! Its hard when both parents work full time and my husband goes to school in the evening so Wyatt is at Nikki's a lot, but I never worry or get upset because I know Nikki is like a second mother to Wyatt. I would recommend Nikki to anyone, she is hands down amazing. We think of her as family and are excited to continue with her with our next baby. :)
Nicole J
We love Nikki!!! I was like every other skepital mother leaving their children for the first time with a babysitter. Only my family ever watched my 2 kids. I felt they needed to interact with other children so Nikki came highly recommended to me by a friend. As soon as I met her I knew I didn't have to look any further. Nikki does so much them, taking them to art classes, going to different parks, always making fun crafts and having circle time just to name a few. I don't know what I would do without her. She is the best!!!
Liz A
Selecting full-time childcare for our 4 month old baby boy was not an easy task. We are incredibly grateful that we found Miss Nikki. She is loves, cares and nurtures our son more than we could ever ask for. She creates an unbelievably warm, clean and safe environment. She is organized, reliable and flexible. As first time parent, we have struggled with what to do when he is sick, not sleeping or eating properly and Nikki has continued to be so supportive and help us work through and develop a plan. The other children in her care are always very well behaved, using their manners, and beaming with excitement to be there. We truly feel lucky that we have Nikki in our life and thrilled that we found her from the very beginning. She really goes so far beyond what a traditional daycare or Nanny can offer. We love and adore Nikki!
Jodi D
Nikki is a godsend. We temporarily tried a regular day care facility but Nikki does so much more for our family. Nikki has truly been a blessing. From working with our unusual schedule, to storing homemade food (something the other place wouldn't do), to taking the kids to the park. She really is amazing. My son got annoyed at me for picking him up from Nikki's the other day because he was having too much fun. Nikki is extremely organized and clean, her home is always in tip top shape, more so than mine and I only have one child! If you meet with Nikki, you'll understand why we all love her so much. I hope she plans on staying a caregiver for many years to come because if our family expands, we want that child in Nikki's care. <3
I was lucky to have my mom watch my son while I worked for the first 2 years of his life. So naturally as a mom you hope to find someone who can fill those shoes. Nikki is all of that and more. She's compassionate, full of life and extremely energetic. Kane has been going to nikki's for a little over 4 months and I already have seen an amazing improvement with his manners, his social skills and his behavior. From the very first time meeting Nikki for an interview Kane didn't want to go home and Nikki and I sat and talked for an hour and a half. Shes so easy going and down to earth. Even on my days off Kane will ask me "go nikkis house mommy." Nothin is more reassuring then your two year old wanting to be at day care. I hope to stay with her for several more years because our experience has been wonderful thus far!
Look no further!!!! Nikki can't even come into words how amazing she is. My son has been going to Nikki's house since he was 5 weeks old, he is now 3. I cannot tell everyone enough how blessed my family is to have Nikki in our life. She has truly been a blessing! My son has strived so much from her and begs to go to her house daily. Nikki treats every child as if they are her own and makes such a learning environment for them everyday, weather the weather they are always busy year round , outside, at the park, swimming, going to art class, library , she gets the kids out and running around. My son is exhausted after he leaves her house ! She is honestly the only person I know I can rely on. When your in a jam , or need to run arrands , she will always be there! I love my Nikki and her amazing family. Not only am I lucky , but my son is the luckiest to have such an amazing role model! Choose Nikki!!!!!!!!
Nikki is amazing! When I lived in the Philadelphia area a few years ago, I was desperate to find a loving, safe, and supportive daycare for my newborn daughter. My husband and I were transplants to the area, so we didn't know too many people and had no family to rely on for assistance. Thankfully, we found Nikki! Our little girl felt right at home in her care and absolutely thrived. We have since moved to a different state, but Nikki still keeps in touch with us to see how our little girl is growing up. Talk about true dedication! I can't recommend Nikki highly enough.
Renee C
My son Jayden has been going to Nikki for almost 3 years now and absolutely loves it there. I trust her more than my family and I know he is safe. She treats all her kids as if they are her own. No other in-home childcare provider is going to take your kids to various parks in the area, swimming, library or art classes! Very flexible with my crazy schedule. She has done such a fabulous job that I even held off a little longer on sending him to preschool. We LOVE Nikki and highly recommend her to everybody!
My 2 boys (ages 2 1/2 and 4 months) are both cared for by Nikki. Nikki creates a loving and eduactional environment for children of all ages. All the children under her care are respectful and obedient to Nikki as well as each other. My oldest son even asks daily to go to Nikki's house to play. I know this is a great sign that he is being well cared for. Nikki child care is affordable and flexible with my schedule.
My daughter went to Nikki at for 2 years and she loved every minute of it. I had a hard time getting her to leave everyday! The first time I met Nikki it felt right and I knew I could trust her with my child.
I love that Nikki takes the kids to the parks and on walks.
Look no further you have found the person to take care of your little one! I recommend Nikki to anyone who asks for a in home daycare!
My 2 boys joined Miss Nikki about 2 months ago and what a positive difference in both of them. My younger one who just turned 1, Evann, was going through the separation anxiety period prior to starting with Miss Nikki but he completely changed within 2 wks and does not cry anymore when I drop him off. That was a big sigh of relief for me. My 2 1/2 old son, Ethan, just loves Miss Nikki. He lights up every time I tell him we are going to see her and his vocabulary and speech is getting better. I never thought I'd see the day that I'd walk away from my boys and feel completely at peace that they are in good hands but that's exactly how I feel when I drop them off at Small Hands, Big Hearts. I'd recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a safe learning environment for their kids. Like Ethan would say MISS NIKKI ROCKS!
As a first time Mom, I was very worried about leaving my son with any one whom wasn't family. But the time came where I felt it was important to socialize my child as well as have him in the care of someone outside of our family. Nikki came highly recommended to us thru a friend. I was impressed from my initial visit with her as she went over the details. My son is now 3 1/2 and LOVES his Nikki as well as all of the other children in her care. She creates a safe and loving learning environment for the children. I also live that she is able to take them to local parks and learning places. I am still amazed and pleasantly suprised at her creativity. Funny, but I never worry when my son is with her, but worry when he is with family :) how the rolls have reversed. I have and will continue to recommend her to my friends for there children.
Lisa M
Nikki is absolutely wonderful! My husband and I both work full time and during Landon's first year, my husband was also in grad school full time. Needless to say, life was crazy but knowing that Landon was well cared for was one less stress! Landon LOVES Nikki and her family as well as the other children in her care. He started with Nikki when he was just 10 weeks old and will be two in October. As a working mom it is very important to me to ensure that the time Landon spends in daycare is QUALITY. Children need to have fun but they also need to socialize and learn. Nikki teaches children skills that are appropriate for their age group while allowing them to have fun and be kids! The children are extremely well behaved, they respect Nikki and the way she ensures that through respectful discipline is something that all parents/caregivers should learn. Any child would benefit from going to daycare at Small Hands, Big Hearts.
Referral Fee - free day of care for signed contract.
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