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Brynna L.|Sumner, WA

$20-30/hr 10 yrs exp 37 yrs old

Compassionate & Experienced CNA With Great References

Words that describe me are- Genuine, Compassionate, Articulate, Pleasant, Bright, Capable, Humorous, Intuitive, Experienced, Balanced, Adaptable, and Down to earth. I am a certified nursing assistant with 10+ years of experience in a variety of settings including nursing homes, dementia care homes, in home care, some hospice assistance and developmentally disabled adult care, etc. I have amazing references and a great reputation as I have worked in numerous people's homes over the years. I have been told by many people that I have quite a pleasant & healing presence and people really enjoy being around me. I am extremely intuitive and have a high capacity to empathize with people and their needs at that moment along with their feelings. It is an ability of mine to know people's likes and how they want things done and usually know what they need before they even ask. I have great problems solving skills and get the job done right. I am currently looking for a position with someone who really values me, my time and my ability to make their life easier, more joyful and pleasant. I have experience with all areas of care giving as I have written care plans & help set up homes with modifications and obtaining special equipment as needed, trained family members with proper lifting and help with solutions when diseases/disorders have progressed. I also love running errands, doing projects, consulting with people, scheduling appointments, organizing, planning events, keeping people on track and etc. I have reliable transportation and insurance. I am a non-smoker. I also love pets.
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Desiree S.|Sumner, WA

$10-15/hr 28 yrs old

Profile Of Desiree S

The experience that I have caring for people with special needs is that in high school, we had this program called Connections, where we get to work with people with special needs. I worked with children that have autism, down syndrome learning difficulties, speech and language, and fragile x syndrome. I absolutely love working with children and people with special needs, because they show me how beautiful and wonderful the world is. They make me love life and really be thankful for all that I have, and I really love them so much. The way that they go about life inspires me, they are so carefree and happy. It was the part of my day that I would always look forward to , and it would always make a bad day great, and a good day even better. I went to the middle school and worked with the middle schoolers there that had special needs. I enjoyed working with them, and having fun with them too, as they make life so much more enjoyable, and my high school career would have been boring without them. I also was in a class in high school that was about solely working with students that have special needs. One student in particular had fragile x syndrome, and we took turns each week and worked with her, and made her feel happy and at ease. She never really talked, but you knew when she was happy, as she had a smile on her face and was content as could be. At the end of the year, we had a birthday party for her. We had a crown making station, that had different things to put on them. It was such a rewarding and valuable experience just to be with her, and have the opportunity to be able to work with her and other students. I feel like I am truly blessed, to have had this opportunity. I wouldn't take this experience away for anything. I have recently been thinking that I may want to pursue a career as a special needs teacher.
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