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Miss Mimi's Kiddie City's Photo

Miss Mimi's Kiddie City

5 Alwin St., Hyde Park, MA

Costimate: $254/wk

I have been working with young children since my teen years. I have taught and coached swimming and other sports as well as been a day camp counselor and classroom assistant. Upon completing my undergrad I started my teaching career in the Boston Public Schools as a teacher of young children with autism in 2002. After teaching that class for four years I moved on to teaching K1 for four years. At the conclusion of those four years, our school model was shifting to the inclusion model and I began teaching a K0/K1 full-day inclusion program. This is the class I taught until the end of the 2018/2019 school year. Something I loved about my job was watching kids grow over not only our time together but watching them through their elementary school career. Getting to know the kids and families in our school community was something I looked forward to every year! I'm thrilled that this is something I can look forward to as children age in and out of my daycare program. I love having a small group in my home where there is more time for free play, art, exploration, sensory activities as well as social and emotional learning.

My program combines the structure and schedule of a typical preschool classroom with the comfort of a home environment. This helps children prepare for a transition into a kindergarten classroom. There is sensory play such as play dough or finger painting, time for pre-academics with letter and math games, read-out-louds, storytelling/story acting, pre-writing activities. We spend a lot of time outdoors at two nearby parks to encourage free play and exploration.
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