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Dannie Pet Sitting

21 Woodward Street Suite 1, Worcester, MA

Dannie Pet Sitting has been providing quality, compassionate care to families and their beloved pets since 2003. My clients have come to depend on me for my cheerful reliability in all facets of pet husbandry, from the most routine matters, to specialized areas like training the sometimes problem behavior traits. I have trained German Shepherds, Dobermans, Papillions, service dogs, stubborn dogs, frightened dogs, you name it. I have personally owned 5 dogs and 3 cats, one cat for 20 years and another for 12. All my dogs lived with me for 10-14 years until they died of a good old age.

I really have three facets to my service: Walking and exercise/day care and boarding/training.

My walking and exercise program is done on a daily basis through out the week, serving clients from Springfield to Wellesley, dogs of all ages and physical abilities. Just call and I can make arrangements to serve your needs. I am happy to administer medications, however I am not a Vet.

For daycare and boarding I am selective to make sure the dogs, cats, reptiles or other mammals are comfortable-I really strive for a good mix of personalities. I am happy to do long-term boarding if necessary if the mix is correct-just call me to discuss your needs. The pets are kept in my home, never in a kennel. I live in a huge antique home in Worcester and have another home in Millis with a large fenced yard on conservation land, that is in addition to the places where we walk or run.

Third is training. I believe training happens constantly, but if you are interested in specific training we can discuss that and I will be happy to accommodate you. I am able to do the most basic things, I can train dogs to search for scented fabric/objects, and I have trained service dogs. I know how to 'think like a dog.' The biggest part of training is training the humans.

Obviously, my rates are different for the various services. Walking is $25-$45 an hour. Multiple dogs will be a little more. Boarding and day care is $25-$45 per day depending on size and what is required. Training will need to be discussed, as will grooming. Cat boarding is $25 per day, caged animals are $12-$15 per day. I am able to accommodate special diets-no problems at all.

So, please know your friend will be in the very best of hands with me. Read my references. Many, many families have trusted me in the past and I have A LOT of long time clients. I believe that says it all about Dannie Pet Sitting. Thank you.
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