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Doggie Escorts

32 St Pauls Pl, Brooklyn, NY





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Is your furry buddy miserable in a crate?

Want to avoid your dog being treated like just a number at a grooming salon or kennel...where they could potentially get sick with kennel cough or come back dirty & matted?

With Doggie Escorts, YOU CAN!

One on One service

We truly love what we do and thats why
dog walker, pet sitter, dog groomer in pompano beach, lighthouse point, boca raton, deerfield beach

Worried about the safety of your loved one or belongings? We rarely have accidents and offer insurance should you need.

I spoil my pets! I often cook food for the dogs, anything from scrambled eggs, boiled chicken to fruit salad! All food is unseasoned and boneless. With your permission of course, I'll prepare your loved one a meal!

My cat sittings take place in the comfort of your home and include care-taking, playtime & affection, feeding, litter box maintenance and administration of medication if need be.

Feel free to contact me for a custom quote should you need me for a long time. I own 2 pet first aid kits and am certified in pet first aid by the American Red Cross.

My mission is to help ensure that your pet is living life to the fullest. With guidance from certified dog trainers and over 10 years of personal experience, I aim to teach your pet obedience and offer daily fulfillment. In addition to catering to your pet's needs, I accommodate you, by updating you via email and social media, with summaries, pictures and video of your pet's time with me! I pride myself on going the extra mile and providing professional, progressive service for you and your loved one to enjoy!
Earthly Critters, Inc.'s Photo

Earthly Critters, Inc.

5433 71st, Maspeth, NY

Your Neighborhood Pet Services

Here at Earthly Critters NYC we love all animals, and care for all animals.

My partner and I are working hard as a team to bring the best pet services around, we have over 12 years of experience with all kinds of pets, being able to properly care for them is our number one goal.

In need of a reliable dog walker?
We do all hours of the day, any length walks, even on short notice any walk will be taken care of.

Need a cat sitter?
We love cats and will always provide the best service for you and your fur baby during the sits, we will feed/refill water bowl, thoroughly clean out litter box (we take the dirty litter with us, so you can have a nice clean home.) The remainder of the visit is spent with play time and cuddles.

Day care is provided in our home for those clients who work long busy days and rather have their little guys properly cared for and supervised, while their pet still enjoys a home based environment as long as they get along with our two resident pets, Lucky and Chacha.

Pet sitting is available for clients that rather have them stay within their home, and be watched there.

Our dog daycare and overnight boarding:
Includes two walks around our neighborhood, and one long hour walk within a nearby park, they will be jogged and cared for by pet care experts.

(Here at ECNYC we insure that clients will receive a minimum of 3 updates throughout the day, includes pictures and lovely texts to remind them that their fur babies are doing great.)

Our home has a nice sized back yard, which is available for them all day.
They will never be bored, we provide a great amount of toys and fun activities as well, playing catch outside and enjoying time with all pets on the premises at all times.
We feed and give snacks according to owner's instructions and we will always request a list if the animal has specific medical diet needs, etc.

Are you going away for a few days?
Overnight care will always be supplied with warm love and embraces, they will share our sleeping headquarters and stay in their own doggy sleeping area fully equipped with two large doggy beds and pillows.
Supervision is key which is offered 24/7, as well as emergency transportation to a local vet.

Trust me, we both know how it is to not be able to always have your best friend with you. This is why we both decided to bring Earthly Critters NYC to you, to help with those busy schedules and to strive for only for the best care possible.
Hoboken Barks's Photo

Hoboken Barks

917 Clinton Street, Hoboken, NJ

Hi =D

I'm David (Roman). I just moved to Hoboken and I'm setting up shop in this lovely community. I have over a decade of experience of dog walking in NYC.

I'm affordable:

A 30 minute walk = $14.
1 hr walk is $18 per walk.

I don't charge per dog:

I charge per house hold. Not per dog. You book a time slot/slots and you only pay for the time. Do you have 2-3 dogs? It's the same rate. Do you have a friend staying over with their dog or are you watching a friends dog? It's the same price. (max 3 dogs).

Weekends and Holidays also available:

The price only changes for weekends and holiday walks which are an additional $3.50.

House/dog sitting also available:

Starting at $50 a night. $200 for a week
All together, I'm cheaper than the competition. Like I said, I'm not out to get rich dog walking.


It's just me and your dog/dogs. Only your household dogs get walked during your time slot. It's just me and your pup. My attention isn't taken from your dog on your dime. Your dog isn't at risk of being attacked by another dog. Your dog isn't at risk of getting an infection from another dog. Your dog isn't tied to a fence of some random apt. Your dog is getting DEDICATED & FOCUSED ATTENTION.

I'm independent!

It's just me. You don't have a cavalcade of random people coming into your home and walking your dog. I have a great attendance record. I'm there in sickness and in health, come rain or shine.

Every walk comes with a walk report. When I pick up your dog, you get a text message with GPS confirmation. When the walk is finished you get a photo, a bathroom report and GPS data showing you where your dog was walked.

I only have 8 time slots available. Only 2 slots per person. Hours are between 9 & 6. I'm doing interviews in the evenings. Please call or text 1 (201) 743-9436 to schedule an interview. References furnished upon request.
Rainbow Pet Sitter's Photo

Rainbow Pet Sitter

480 6th Ave. 121, New York, NY

We Specialize in Special Care:

Rainbow Pet Sitter provides consistent, 24-hour quality in-home care for pets with special needs. With over a decade of caring specifically for animals with behavioral and medical needs, we recognize every pet is unique in the care required. Our clients furry, feathered, scaly, and human trust us to provide customized care based on our harmonious approach. Strong relationships with our clients are built on incorporating their knowledge and bond with their pet. We collaborate with New York City's best trainers to ensure training stays consistent while your pet is in our care. This allows us to create a routine that keeps life as consistent as possible, minimizing if not eliminating stress for both pet and owner.

We take pride in being a National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce LGBT Certified Business Enterprise. An intense passion for animals and the LGBTQ+ community is what motivated, owner, Liz Cooney to start a business that serves both the community and animals she loves. As a former pet parent of a dog with severe behavioral and medical challenges, Liz understands firsthand how difficult it is to find adequate, specialized care. She brings nearly two decades of experience caring for animals including rehabilitating dogs with serious behavioral challenges, administering both common and unique medical treatments to a variety of animals, and formal education and training in animal care.

We strive to be a socially conscious business combining the empowerment of LGBTQ+ folks with an extensive background in animal, care, behavior, and rehabilitation. Our goal is to provide the best in pet care, a great client experience, create jobs for the LGBTQ+, and a safe and empowering work environment. We believe in treating clients like family. When your pet is in our care, they are treated as our own.

When specialized care is needed, Rainbow Pet Sitter will work diligently to deliver top-notch, no matter the challenge. Schedule a consultation with Rainbow Pet Sitter now to find the exceptional care you and your animals deserve.

We are honored to have been selected as November's spotlight business by the New York National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Read the article here
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