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Fun Babysitter Needed For 10 Month. Schedule Varies, Must Be Flexible.

Full Time
Looking for daytime care of my 10-month-old as needed. We are dealing with an illness in the family and I need to find someone for during the day in my home when I go to the hospital to visit or take her to doctor appointments when she is discharged (she will be coming to live with us). My husband works from home but is in his office on calls 95% of the day. Care would include meals, walks outside, playtime, and putting him down for his naps. He is a very happy little guy. I also have 3 school age kids (11 girl, 9 boy, 7 boy) that get home from school at 4 p.m. They are pretty self sufficient but may need help with meals until I get home. This is perfect for someone with a flexible schedule as I don't have a clear cut schedule right now. Care would include all 4 kids after they get out of school this summer. I could also use someone when I just need to take a quick break to run errands, or sometimes go to workout during the day :) We are a very active family involved in many activities. We are all a bit silly, we don't take things too serious, we love to have fun and go on adventures, we play lots of sports and are always at games and practices during the week. Daughter loves cheer and gymnastics, sons wrestle, play baseball and football. One of my boys loves to play any games. Everyone enjoys drawing and being outside. Nothing really. Someone who enjoys being involved with the kids, likes to be outside, okay games. Park on street 13 yo small dog. Bichon poodle.
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