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Photo for Caregiver Wanted For 2 Toddlers And Infant Due In November

Caregiver Wanted For 2 Toddlers And Infant Due In November

Full Time
Hi there, my name is Diane and I have two children and I am currently pregnant and due in November. We have had a wonderful caregiver for 2 years but sadly she is moving so I am looking for a new caregiver for my children. I work as a night shift nurse so the hours may vary based on when I need to sleep but I tend to keep the same schedule that is recurring every 3 weeks to stay consistent. Most weeks will be 3-4 days a week but the weeks I work on the weekend will only be 2 days. My daughter is 3. She is potty trained except for when she is asleep we use pull ups. She is full of energy and loves to play dress up and do arts and crafts. She will be attending preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings so depending on my schedule the caregiver will only be here with my son and/or the baby. My son just turned 2, is still in diapers, and is currently doing speech therapy due to speech delay. He is also full of energy and requires more supervision. Despite my home being baby proofed he has managed to figure out how to open most things and likes to climb on furniture. He naps regularly 12:30-3/3:30 everyday. I am currently pregnant with a baby girl and my due date is November 27th. While I am on maternity leave, I would need help occasionally for running errands or going to doctors appointments but hours would be a lot shorter while I am out of work. Caregiver must be reliable, punctual, have reliable transportation, non-smoker, good communicator, and be be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Will require proof of vaccination prior to meeting for interview. Experience with infants is a must. For light housekeeping, I just ask for the main area my children play in stay organized and my 3-year-old enjoys to help with this process. I also ask that after meals that plates be cleaned or put into the dishwasher. I prepare all my kids meals so if the caregiver is here during dinner time, they will only be required to heat what I have prepared. And lastly, when the baby is here I just ask for help keeping up with cleaning bottles that are used. We have a cat named Jerry. Caregiver will not need to feed or clean up after him. Just wanted to make aware just in case of allergies.