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Photo for Home Care And Home Health Care Administrator

Home Care And Home Health Care Administrator

Part Time $25 – 35/hr Starts ASAP Medford, MA
Planning, organizing, directing and evaluating operations to ensure the provision of adequate and appropriate care and services Complying with applicable laws and regulations Fiscal planning, budgeting and management of operations in accordance with established fiscal parameters Implementing governing body directives and ensuring that appropriate service policies are developed and implemented Recruiting, employing and retaining qualified personnel to maintain appropriate staffing levels Establishing and maintaining effective channels of communication Ensuring program personnel have current clinical information and current practices Directing and monitoring organizational QA activities. Ensuring staff development including orientation, in-service education, continuing education and evaluation of staff Assuring that skilled nursing and other therapeutic services furnished are under the supervision and direction of a physician or a registered nurse Assuring appropriate staff supervision during all operating hours. Assuring the development/qualifications for professional services and assignment of personnel Ensuring the accuracy of public information materials and activities Appointing a similarly qualified alternate, if GB does not appoint Informing the GB, staff and committees of current organizational, community, industry trends Develops administrative policies and procedures relating to the Agency Reviews/evaluates existing policies/procedures by means of Annual Agency Evaluation Participates in preparation of a yearly budget in cooperation with the Budget Committee and GB Acts as Chairperson for the Advisory Committee, or appoints same Prepares reports on Agency activity for the GB and Advisory Committee Determines organizational lines of authority and fixes areas of responsibility Reviews all staff performance evaluations and processes merit increase requests Conducts performance evaluations on supervisory level personnel and office/Admin staff Approves all salary increases and staff promotions Authorizes purchase of supplies and equipment Acts as official Agency spokesman and representative Contacts local, state, and national associations/participates in meetings, conventions, etc. Cooperates with health and related agencies to increase/improve services to the community Responsible for oversight of the Agency's patient grievance process Handles unresolved problems between staff and supervisors Accommodates Federal, State and regulatory personnel/surveyors during site visits Projects a concerned, professional attitude and develops a positive rapport with all staff Develops an open, positive rapport with community resources Maintains high visibility and availability via telephone to physicians, referral sources, community resources, patients, and staff Actively pursues new and innovative marketing opportunities Acts as the Agency Privacy Officer Serves as the Agency Disaster Coordinator Serves as the Agency Civil Rights/Section 1557 Coordinator Other duties as assigned
Photo for Clinical Manager Director Of Clinical Services

Clinical Manager Director Of Clinical Services

Full Time $35 – 45/hr Starts ASAP Medford, MA
Oversees the clinical management of the Agency's clinical department Assist the Administrator in planning the overall development and administration of the Agency as set forth in the policies and procedures Participates in the development of administrative policies and procedures relating to the Agency Directs implementation of approved work methods and procedures that reflect elements essential to rendering high quality care Participates in the review/analysis/appraisal of the effectiveness of the total Agency program Utilizes the OBQI/OBQM data reports to quantify Agency's homecare performance against the national norms. Recommends to the Administrator methodology to change outcomes and improve OBQI scores. Oversees the implementation and evaluation of patient care services Aggregates record review summaries Works closely with the recruiter in achieving satisfactory staffing leadership in promoting and maintaining standards for giving high quality care by all Assures that established QA committees maintain the goal of meetings Assists the Administrator in planning/conducting annual Agency requirements Assists the Administrator in collecting data for Annual Agency Evaluation/Annual report Recognizes leadership potential/offers opportunities for leadership training/development Manages the clinical departmental budget seeking supplementals prior to exceeding the budgetary requirement Evaluates own job performance and utilization of resources in planning for professional growth. Receives and acts to resolve complaints subject to the agency's grievance procedure in the capacity of "next higher level authority". Apprises Administrator of potential legal risks Participates in employee termination process assuring documentation exists to support actions Ensures implementation of Agency continuing education program Projects a concerned, professional attitude and develops a positive rapport with all staff Establish mutual goal setting and achievement of standards Develops an open, positive rapport with community resources affiliated with the agency Maintain high visibility and availability while in the office Assists the Sales/Marketing department as requested Serves as a member of QA/Advisory/emergency Planning & other committees Participates in local organizations and activities related to home health care Participates in state and national organizations, meetings, seminars, workshops and activities Accommodates state/accreditation surveyor/staff during site visits Oversees assignment of the Primary case manager for patient admissions according to patient needs Other duties as assigned

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