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Hands-on Care Needed For My Father - Underlying conditions: 1....

Full Time $20 – 30/hr Starts 04/03 Canby, OR
About who needs care: Underlying conditions: 1. Primary: Dad has baseline low blood pressure. He has Orthostatic Hypotension (postural Hypotension) which causes his BP to drop when he stands. He takes a medication to raise his BP AM and early PM. 2. Secondary: Dad takes medication for his adrenal issues and cholesterol. 3. Medication: He is given medication at 5:30 a.m. by family members and needs a reminder to take med's at 12:00 while his care givers are at work. Mobility and sensory impairment: Dad can walk, uses a walker or a cane, and can prepare his own lunch. He has some lower back pain which is relieved by Motrin and an electric back massager. He wears hearing aids, eyeglasses and compression socks. He can shower himself and clean his dentures. Interests and temperament: Dad was a pastor and missionary, so his main interests are Christian spirituality, Bible reading, and listening to/watching Russian or Ukrainian church services and songs online. He has a tablet and can usually get to his desired streaming channel independently. He is very pleasant, agreeable, and helpful. Assistance requested: 1. Primary: Reminders to take medication (noon dosage) and reminders to hydrate. Dad must be reminded not to lie down in bed once he has taken his AM medication. His Hypotension medication raises his BP excessively if he lies down (horizontally). He can rest or sleep in a recliner in his room or seated on the couch in the living room. 2. Secondary: Dad's movements need to be monitored. He is ambulatory, but should be watched over to prevent falls, reminded to use his walker or cane, and helped with getting dressed and undressed. 3. Tertiary: Help with lunch and snack preparation, after meal clean-up, light housecleaning, conversational engagement, and companionship. About the care needs: Caregiver Age: not older than middle age to have the strength required for assistance. Another elderly individual will be too weak to assist our father who is 210 pounds. Caregiver Hobbies/Interests: Devout Christian faith is preferred to facilitate spiritual conversations; travel; nature watching Personality: easy-going, but firm guidance is required to engage Dad. He is very personable and friendly, and mobility assistance.
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