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Photo for Weekday Sitter Needed For Smart, Q 18 Month Old - Need a sitter...

Weekday Sitter Needed For Smart, Q 18 Month Old - Need a sitter...

Part Time $17 – 22/hr Starts 08/10 Cambridge, MA
Need a sitter for my daughter over the next couple of weeks while I work. I work remotely so I will be home (but upstairs) most of the day. I need someone to feed and play with I. during that time. This week would be 10a-5p T, W, Th. Next week would be T 10am-2:30pm, W and Th 10a-5p. The following week she will start daycare. She generally naps for 2 hours in the middle of the day (starting as early as 11:30am). I would need a sitter to give her lunch, a snack after nap, and then do some kind of activities/outings until I am done with work. Regarding parenting/childcare, our family values empathy and validating emotions, maintaining reasonable boundaries (for example, those related to safety), patience, and learning/teaching through ordinary life experiences. I. loves reading, being outside, listening to music, and dancing. She will literally stop in her tracks so she can dance if you suddenly turn music on (it's very entertaining for all involved). She loves the park and will want to go on every single swing. Caregiver will need to be a patient person and have the ability to remain calm if Isla has a meltdown. She has 1-2 a day at this point in her development. But they don't last long (1-3 minutes maybe) and as long as you stay nearby, maybe rub her back, and tell her it's okay that she's upset, she moves on quickly. Unfortunately we don't have a driveway (resident street parking only), but there are bus stops very close
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