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Sparkle and Shine Residential Cleaning's Photo

Sparkle and Shine Residential Cleaning

11600 S. Kedzie Ave, Merrionette Park, IL

Personalized Cleaning with a Sparkle and Shine Finish!


Our staff is professional, honest and dependable!

Offering three levels of cleaning based on your needs and desires. We can also clean green if requested. All cleaning products and tools are supplied by Sparkle and Shine and included in the cost.

1. Basic Sparkle: General cleaning throughout the living space. All surfaces feather-dusted or wiped down, floors vacuumed and mopped, spruced up and aired out for that fresh home feeling!

2. Thorough Sparkle: General and specified cleaning throughout the living space. All surfaces and objects dusted and wiped off. Floors vacuumed, throw rugs and runners shaken and aired, floors and baseboards hand washed. Ceiling fans and light fixtures (within reach) dusted or wiped down. Ceiling and wall decor (within reach) feather-dusted for a cozy, cared-for-home atmosphere.

3. Deep Sparkle: A Thorough Sparkle with special attention given to kitchen and bathrooms. Vacuum or dust-mop under beds and behind furniture. Wipe down or dust window treatments. Check doorways and light switches for prints. Plenty of elbow grease throughout every room for an amazing fresh, clean and cozy home that will impress and comfort you, your family and guests! Recommended for a first-time visit.

We sell gift certificates! Get that busy loved one the luxury of a Sparkle and Shine home and watch their holiday stress melt away. Call us and make someone happy, today!

If you're not satisfied with the level and/or quality of service, contact us within 24 hours for rectification. We look forward to the opportunity to make your home Sparkle and Shine!

***Contact us to see if we're available in your area.
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