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Dirty Deeds Cleaning

10411 Rowland Ave SW, Lakewood, WA

When looking to hire a cleaning company, you shouldn't have to clean before the cleaning company comes. My husband and I started this business with that idea in mind as we saw this need in our own lives and decided to do something about it. While we are a company and have all the security and insurance that comes with the benefits of hiring professionals over an individual; we also are affordable. We offer more than just cleaning as most people need more than just that. If your home was clean already you wouldn't need us! Right?! That is why we have a full service approach to cleaning. One size does NOT fit all and no 2 homes or families are alike. Don't be fooled by these square footage tactics!

Why us? It's pretty simple really. We offer things like laundry while we are there, kitty litter box change outs, changing bed sheets, organizing (usually on the lighter scale) and much more. Just ask. I have also been doing this for 20 years so I make all the cleaning products we use to clean which are all natural. Even though we are an organic cleaning company; we are not opposed to using your stuff too if you want. The way we look at it... it's your home and you're the boss. :) If you have a Rainbow vacuum, however, don't call us.

Us over an individual and why? Your home is the biggest purchase you will ever make in your life for most people. Are you aware that there are really one 3 things you should use on hardwood floors to clean them? Everything else, over time, will ruin them. MOST of the stuff you buy in grocery stores INCLUDING orange glow will destroy your floors! Did you know that even vinegar destroys marble? You could be paying someone to destroy your finishes to save $20 bucks. The fact of the matter is there is a professional edge in hiring a company. We have insurance for the oops moments in life, our staff is professionally trained by me (the owner) so that we are not only cleaning your home correctly but safely, AND you know that with us you have that added value of not having to deal with that awkward conversation telling them they are doing something wrong or missing stuff. We manage everything for you. We do the scheduling, we are consistently there AND we bring everything with us. All you have to do is let us in.
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