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Photo for Home Nanny 3 Days A Week 7:30-4:30
Days Will Vary As I'm A RN 
3 Month Old Infant Daughter

Home Nanny 3 Days A Week 7:30-4:30 Days Will Vary As I'm A RN 3 Month Old Infant Daughter

Part Time
My baby is a little over 3 months old and very loving. She really loves being held because since she was born she has been exclusively breastfed and loves contact naps. Going back to my full time nursing job is not easy for me, as I love nothing more than being a mom and being with my sweet baby girl. I have to provide for her and our family though. So I am looking for someone who is going to love my girl, protect her, and has a lot of patience. She can play on her own sometimes, but since she is just 3 months old she loves being with people who will play and love on her. My family will be in and out of the house and they are very helpful and sweet as well. They will be more than willing to help out or give you a break. I have a very loving family so I would love for someone who is family oriented. My family would be here sometimes to help out too My 3-month-old LOVES hey bear sensory, the bouncer, being outside or outside in her dome, her play mat, rattles, her toy cow, her toy hedgehog (her personal favorite), etc. She also loves being held, rocked, or bounced I would love for someone to take the time to do simple yet beneficial activities with her like tummy time, play with her sensory flash cards, help her learn to roll from her back to stomach, sing, read and talk with her, play with her toys with her, etc. CPR Non smoker Experience with infants Clean background check Loving and passionate personality Yes we have parking at the bottom of the hill, halfway up the hill, and at the very top We have a cat that is mostly outside, a medium sized lab/hound mix that is playful and sweet, and a small very old Pekingese