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The Golden Tree Family Daycare's Photo

The Golden Tree Family Daycare

8008 Via Verona, Burbank, CA

Costimate: $309/wk

Every child is unique and need a nurturing and loving environment to grow.We are a quality and dependable family daycare providing a nurturing and healthy environment for your child.
I believe that every child is special and needs that nurturing and caring environment for their healthy development.
My family daycare will provide a reliable,fun and learning experience to your little one. Every child is given personal attention.
A compassionate daycare provider dedicated to you and your little one.
California licensed.
CPR/First Aid and Health And Safety certified.
Your child will participate in activities such as-
-Arts and Crafts
-Singing, dancing
-Story reading
-Developmental skills
-Kiddie Etiquette
As a parent you will enjoy-
-A peace of mind
-Update of your child's progress
Please email me or call me for any questions and to schedule an interview.
Enrolling Now.
Please call or email for rates.
Hours- Mon- Friday
Reviewed by Jodi S 5/5 stars
I cannot recommend this daycare enough. I wish I could have sent my daughter here forever but sadly they grow up quickly! I sent my daughter here starting at 3 months old. It was very difficult to bring her to someone full time at such a young age. Leena made this transition seamless. She sent me pictures and updates throughout the day every day. My daughter stayed here until she was 2. She learned so much during this time. She started preschool knowing her ABC's, how to count to 10 and many other things. Leena is very caring and trustworthy. She was absolutely wonderful!!
S. Family Child Care's Photo

S. Family Child Care

10446 Whitegate Ave, Sunland, CA

Costimate: $176/wk

Simonyan Family Childcare.

Simonyan Family Child Care is licensed by the state of CA, and my educational background is in child development. Our staff is all CPR certified. Our facility is designed to feel like home. We provide all inclusive, safe, and caring environment for children. QUALITY CHILD CARE, GOOD BEGINNINGS NEVER END!!!

Mission Statement:
Simonyan Family Childcare exists to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for preschool and school aged children. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early care and education experience which promotes each child's social/emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our goal is to support children's desire to be life-long learners. We help you children learn through fun and creativity!!!

Finally, children can benefit from the chance to socialize with other children, to help develop social skills, which they may not get to do as often or at all when a nanny or a relative cares for them at home. We also offer pick ups and drop offs. We have a wonderful program ready for kids. Don't hesitate to contact me if interested. We can set up a tour of the house. I assure you that you won't be disappointed!

Simonyan Family Childcare, where we care like mothers!!!
(818) 404-9204
Marti's Kids's Photo

Marti's Kids

10845 Leolang Ave, Sunland, CA

Starting at $40/day

Marti's Kids is a Licensed Family Child Day Care Service focused on providing a safe and nurturing environment for children. The children are taught to be responsible for their personal things, to work as a team, and help each other; whether it be bringing a friend a cup of juice or helping another friend with their socks. They all have their own labeled drawers where they keep their personal items and are assigned their own bed for nap time in the nursery, better known as their room.

Marti's Kids subscribes to educational websites and programing. The children love to sing along while learning colors, numbers, shapes, what facial expressions mean, as well learning how to get along with others in preparation for preschool or kindergarten. Children, ages 3-4 years old, are supplied personal work books that teaches them writing skills, math, name recognition, and more, all while having fun.

We are focused on providing healthy and well-balanced meals for breakfast and lunch, which includes a source of protein, fruits, grains, and veggies (even if we have to hide them!).

We understand how difficult it is to be away from your children for such long hours, five days a week. This is why we take time to communicate throughout the day with the children's families via text messaging, emailing, Facebook, and Instagram. We love taking pictures of the children and posting them on all our social media, where not only the immediate family can log in and see what the children are doing, but also extended family can keep up with the day's activities.

It truly is the closest thing to being at home.
Please visit us at for more!
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