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Photo for Companion Care Needed For My Loved One In Chardon

Companion Care Needed For My Loved One In Chardon

Part Time
We need companion care to take care of my loved one in Chardon. Meal Preparation: Simple lunch and simple dinner. Transportation: Drive her own vehicle to Dr and Store. Companionship: Watching tv, sitting outside in good weather. My sister has beginning dementia but needs help preparing meals, working her phone and tv, sometimes she forgets and pushes the wrong buttons. She also writes notes and thinks people are taking her things, ie: people breaking into her house ( not true but she thinks it is) Small things that I think she would be distracted from with a companion. She does not drive,, ever! Sometimes very lucid, other times not so much. gets aggravated if asked too many questions all at once, Needs to be reminded to plug in her cell phone. Sometimes does not think she has any food in the house ( she has plenty, her son shops for her.) Sometimes she cannot find the words for things like telling someone about a key,, she will say you know, that thing that opens the door,,,, I think it is usually when she is tired from the day is when she is at her worst. She imagines that people are coming over when no one really is. She will go on about going back to work, but we dont' discourage her,, we just kind of skip over it and change the subject. Her short term memory is on and off,, and sometimes she will say she remembers but she really does not. her long term memory is ok, although it is spotty sometimes. Bear in mind she lost her husband over a year ago and that is when she started to act different, she went from a size 16 to a 6 or maybe even smaller. This is why I emphasize the fact that she needs someone to eat with her at her noon and dinner meals. otherwise she really wont eat. I visit with her on the phone from my home in KY, I cannot be there with her so I like to call her often. I try to keep her laughing by going down memory lane with her and reminisce about all the good times we had in our younger days.. it makes her happy.