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Smarty Pants Academy

5838 Dupont Parkway, Smyrna, DE

Costimate: $159/wk

Job Description

Title: Early Childhood (ECE) Daycare Teacher
Reports To: Program Director
Location: Smarty Pants Academy
Job Summary:
The role of an Early Childhood Educator involves being both a teacher as well as an active observer of your students' unique development goals, challenges, and needs. As an Early Childhood Educator (ECE), you are responsible for providing safe and developmentally appropriate programs that are aligned with all relevant federal and state initiatives.
Smarty Pants Academy is looking for qualified Teachers with an upbeat energy and able to keep their students interested and engaged. Knowing how to make learning fun and engaging a critical skill when teaching students of these ages (infants to preschool). We seek teachers who are able to relate to students on their level and willing to literally get down on their level to interact, without losing sight of your teaching objective.


Consistency and fairness
Cultural awareness and sensitivity

Effective verbal and communication skills
Knowledge in child development and early education theories and practices
Knowledge of relevant legislation, policies, and procedures
Knowledge of safe and appropriate activities for preschool children
Ability to effectively plan, organize, develop and implement educational activities that are fun and educational to the age group
Ability to instruct young children in rules of conduct and learning new tasks
Ability to select the appropriate teaching method and adapt to children's learning styles
Ability to communicate with parents regarding their children's progress and needs, determine their priorities for their children, and suggest ways that they can promote learning and development
Proficient active listening skills to understand and adapt to the various needs of children and parents
Ability to administer and assess tests to help determine children's developmental levels, needs, and potential
Ability to prepare and implement remedial programs for students requiring extra help.
Ability to facilitate and maintain detailed record keeping throughout the day and communicate results to directors and parents
Analytical and problem-solving skills
Team building and conflict resolution skills
Time management skills
Supervisory skills

2 years' teaching experience
Valid CPR certification
Demonstrable record of making decisions on behalf of children with their well-being the top priority
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Passing all necessary criminal background checks
Able to maintain an overall positive and professional disposition
Able to lift and carry up to 25 pounds and in case of emergency, a 40-pound child
Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office programs
Ability to learn and utilize daycare software tools and applications
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FAQs for finding day cares in Smyrna

What type of day care can I find in Smyrna, DE?
There are a variety of daycares in Smyrna, DE providing full time and part-time care. Some daycares are facility-based and some are in-home daycares operated out of a person's home. They can also vary in the degree of education and curriculum they offer. Additionally, some daycares offer bilingual programs for parents that want to immerse their children in multiple languages.
How can I find a day care near in Smyrna, DE?
If you are looking for day care options near you, start several months in advance of when you need care for your child. has 2 in Smyrna, DE as of December 2020 and you can filter daycares by distance from Smyrna or your zip code. From there, you can then compare day care rates, parent reviews, view their specific services, see their hours of operation and contact them through the website for further information or to request an appointment.
What questions should I ask a day care provider before signing up?
As you visit day care facilities in Smyrna, DE, you should ask the providers what their hours are so you can be prepared to adjust your schedule for drop-off and pick-up. Ask what items you are responsible for bringing for your child and what items you may be required to provide that will be shared among other children or the day care staff. Also, make sure to check directly with the business for information about their local licensing and credentials in Smyrna, DE.