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Tiny Footsteps Child Care

1245 Justin Ave, Glendale, CA

Costimate: $350/wk

I decided to study Child Development because I have the utmost respect for children and their untapped potential and I am in tune with the developmental needs of today's children. Our future starts with young children, and I will always put forth my best effort to ensure that each individual child reaches his or her complete capability. When we work together, we learn together. And together we will make a positive influence on our children's lives.

We believe that children experience the greatest growth when they feel secure and wanted. Therefore, we provide a warm and secure setting where each child can develop into his/her own potential socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. Based on these beliefs, we provide developmentally appropriate practices, including:

* Children learn by doing
* Process is more important than product
* Each child has unique creativity and it should be encouraged
* Each child and family have their individual needs
* Children's imagination and self-esteem need to flourish.

We understand each child is unique, which is why our curriculum provides each child with age appropriate, hands-on and interactive experiences that stimulate the imagination and provide learning. You and your child will also observe and experience: strong, caring parent-teacher partnerships; educated teachers and staff; nutritious meals and snacks; positive, respectful interactions among adults and children; hands-on learning activities appropriate to your child's age and development; and a nurturing environment where children and families thrive.
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